Welcome to The First Day for The Rest Of Your Life

I’m Terri Messenger and my passion is to Transform People’s lives so You can become all You were born to be and more!

I am a high achieving Success Lifestyle Coach with a Passion to Equip and Empower People to find the deepest True  Life Purpose and begin Living a Life of Mission, Vision and Passion.

When You become Aware of Your Purpose – This will Activate Your Energy, Vitality and build :Your Self Esteem.

In 2006 I changed My whole Life through one decision,  That is the Knowledge of learning how You can change Your whole life through having the remote control of Your Mind

I had suffered a life filled with self doubt and low self worth and had been caught up in the people pleasing trap because I felt like a failure.  

At 18 years of age I had been sacked from 8 jobs in a row and this was a big blow to my entire self worth.

Deep down inside I knew there was something more.  As much as I was limited by my own self belief, there was an inner giant within.

NLP had unleashed the inner power from within me and in a short week, my whole life turned around. See More


Choose from the programs below to get started on your journey

Removing Abundance Blocks

Clearing Negative Energy Pattern will allow you to know that Your body is a more reliable source than Your mind.When you are feeling blocked it will indicate in 3 areas of your body, although can spread throughout other parts. This will be either in the head, the...

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Ageless Mind, Timeless Body

This week of Ageless Mind, Timeless Body - I presented a special from my Mind and Body Transformation Program. This gives you the linguistic portal into stating what You want in Your life and finding the true value from Your deepest Why! When the Why is attained, the...

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Building Your Wealth Empire

On this epic adventure this week in my Meditation Hub - We build Your Wealth Empire. Since I was a child, I always had a knack for telling stories. It was magical, adventures on Magic Carpet rides and weird & wonderful dungeons where we locked up the evil monsters and...

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Ageless Mind, Timeless Body

This morning I created my weekly meditation of Ageless Mind and Timeless Body – And for subscribers in my hub – its going to give You the power to become fully Aligned with Your Mind, Body & Soul. No point saying “My body is Trim, Toned, Healthy, Strong and Balanced –...

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