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Terri Messenger services review

Hi, I'm Terri

I’m a world-class coach, trainer, spiritual healer, and success activator.
Some of my clients call me the Personal Transformation Queen.

I was also named the Power Healer to Watch in 2022.

But it wasn’t always this way… My life was a complete mess.

  • I was fired from 8 jobs – one after the other.
  • I became divorced and was the single mum of three kids.
  • I kept attracting negative energy and was like a crap magnet – I was constantly getting sick!
Award Winning
Power Healer

I had never felt so stuck in my life. I really was truly miserable… That’s why I embarked on a journey to figure out how I could better the life of me and my kids.

I was shocked to discover that it was self-sabotage from my past traumas making me live in a vicious circle over and over again. These negative experiences of the past were secretly driving my rituals, habits, and behaviours – causing me to make decisions based on where I had been rather than where I wanted to go.

I started to believe that the pain from the past could catapult me into living my greatest glory. After all, we can all learn from history – especially our own patterns and mindset.



Fast forward to today

  • I am now married to the man who helped me find my life long dream and soul’s purpose.
  • In fact, the relationship I have with my family has never been better!
  • I live in a beautiful park-side mansion with fairy tale stairs just like I dreamed of as a little girl.
  • My husband and I recently sold one of our businesses for 6-figures.

More importantly, I have helped over 5000 people break through their traumas and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

As a result, I have unlocked their full potential so that they can live the life of their dreams.

Are you next?

Yes, I want to live the life of my dreams!

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