I have had the absolute pleasure to work with and learn from Terri the wonderful skills and techniques of NLP to compliment my previous studies in hypnotherapy and creative arts therapies. Learning these skills and applying them to my life, my relationships and in my work has helped me to understand myself and others, it has helped to communicate effectively and to process emotions and triggers quickly to move forward when conflict or uncertainly has arisen. My life has improved and will continue to as I “do the work” it has a ripple effect as my vibration and energy increases so does that of people in my life. My children notice and comment on how far I have come and that my energy has shifted. I know my worth and who I am in my core. I know that I am blessed to be called into this work to be of service to others. It is my honour to be in the company of wonderful people who are also in the business of helping others rise and be the best version of themselves. 

Claudia (Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner)

I’ve been blessed with knowing Terri since 2015, and I am currently in one of her high end programmes. Initally when i reached out to Terri, it was during a very dark and confusing time and i was hoping for answers to all of my life dilema’s about my past present and my future. Her program has been able to move from that uncertain spot into a more brighter and fullfilling  space because she has given me valuable resources to make the most out of my career oppurtunities and has reignited the fire within me to remember that I am capable and that I hold the key to easily unlocking change within me and around me.
Terri is inspiring, she is creative, she is highly intuitive and incredibly intelligent and she just “knows” She does! And this is what you will notice, among many other things when working together with her. I can go on because to me Terri has been an incredible in guiding me, motivating me, pushing me and knowing when to step back and encourage me to let my inner genius shine through. To sum it up i would say dont jump into something like this unless you are ready to see big improvements in your life.
Thank you Terri Messenger!!

Noorain (Psychologist, Master NLP Practitioner, Relationship Specialist)

Awesome work and yes – world is so much richer for having you said YET to your passion. I am yet still to meet another talented hypnotherapist like yourself, you absolutely ROCK in taking people out of hot waters, as you said. I am forever grateful for my transformation during private hypnotherapy session and throughout my journey to become a certified NLP Practitioner – and now a hypnotherapist myself! Thank you for assisting me to open doors to my selt-realisation and personal growth.


Terri Messenger’s online healing retreat was exquisite. Like a powerful divine channel, she sees clearly what her audience requires in real time like a finely attuned instrument of divine light. The depth, breadth and scope of her knowledge, gifts and talents is unmatched compared to other coaches or NLP practitioners out there. If you’re looking to rapidly rise into your highest potential I highly recommend Terri’s exquisite body of work!

Michelle (Light worker, Wealth Activator)

My first two sessions with Terri have had a profound influence on me. I’m can’t believe how my anxiety has reduced to the point where I’m no longer bothered by it. This in turn has reduced any depression I have previously suffered. I have also noticed my confidence has increased and I can think so much more clearly. I have suffered with these issues since a traumatic incident 7 years ago and have tried many treatments and this is the first time I have had success. Thank you.


I am so thankful for Terri and her master key program that transformed my life and has helped me help and transform others. I recommend anyone who would like to help others or even help themselves to take the master key program and get started on your life changing journey. Knowledge is key and this master key program is a wealth of knowledge.

I am using this in my own fitness coaching business and use it in everyday life I look forward to continue to work with Terri and keep growing as a fitness coach and NLP coach.

Thank you Terri you are amazing!

Darien Johns

Matt -I felt like I lost everything, as if my whole world had been ripped from under me. I was in the darkest place of depression and after just a few sessions, I totally set free. I feel like I am a magnet to the right people and like I have infinite and unlimited resources. My energy is so high now and I feel like I am 25 years old again at 42. Its seriously as if someone has given me the key and Unlocked my Power. 

Matthew Hydes


This system for me has given me the confidence to turn up and coach as my authentic self. It has helped me in self-confidence and self-worth, and as a result I now feel so ready to launch myself into my coaching career with enthusiasm and excitement.

I have been taking multiple courses, but this system is the one that has finally not only given me the tools, but also the drive to succeed in my coaching business.

What I love about it most is the authenticity that shines through Terri, and involvement in her modalities to improve yourself each and every day.
I believe if You have this same opportunity to be on this journey with me You will be able to achieve absolutely anything you want to achieve within a supportive group!

Donna-lee Clarke


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