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Hi, I’m Terri

I’m a world-class coach, trainer, spiritual healer, and success activator.

Some of my clients call me the ‘Personal Transformation Queen‘.

I was also named the Power Healer to Watch in 2022.

But it wasn’t always this way… My life was a complete mess.

  • I was fired from 8 jobs – one after the other.
  • I became divorced and was the single mum of three kids.
  • I kept attracting negative energy and was like a crap magnet – I was constantly getting sick!

I had never felt so stuck in my life. I really was truly miserable… That’s why I embarked on a journey to figure out how I could better the life of me and my kids.

I was shocked to discover that it was self-sabotage from my past traumas making me live in a vicious circle over and over again. These negative experiences of the past were secretly driving my rituals, habits, and behaviours – causing me to make decisions based on where I had been rather than where I wanted to go.

I started to believe that the pain from the past could catapult me into living my greatest glory. After all, we can all learn from history – especially our own patterns and mindset.

Fast forward to today:

  • I am now married to the man who helped me find my life long dream and soul’s purpose.
  • In fact, the relationship I have with my family has never been better!
  • I live in a beautiful park-side mansion with fairy tale stairs just like I dreamed of as a little girl.
  • My husband and I recently sold one of our businesses for 6-figures.

More importantly, I have helped over 5000 people break through their traumas and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

As a result, I have unlocked their full potential so that they can live the life of their dreams.

Are you next?

Dr Ian and Terri Messenger

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The Master Key - quantum flow into wildest success image

Quantum Flow Into Your Wildest Success

Loaded and jam-packed into a flow of over 15 world-class modalities.

This is designed to fast track your success and will bring you speed success in attaining your goals and releasing deep wounds around your limiting beliefs and blocks.

The Master Key - Spiritual Prosperity Codes

Spiritual Prosperity Codes

The Master Key to unlock your prosperity, through the codes of frequency, harmony, and simplicity.

Rewire your spiritual blueprint to abundance, manifesting money from all directions through your self-worth, with self-belief as your platform to rise into riches.

purple background with Terri looking at "Online Retreat – Revolutionise Your Life In 30 Days"

Revolutionise Your Life in 30 Days

Tired of broken relationships? With this program you can dissolve all of your past negative patterns so you can create a better life that is filled with purified energy, love, and light.

The Magic of Your Words cover with Terri in a pink dress - ultimate NLP certification

The Magic Of Your Words

Words have the magic to influence and impact you and others around you. This high impact online-only NLP certification program combines the power of NLP, hypnosis, meditation techniques.

Awaken Your Inner Genius program

Awaken Your Inner Genius


Quit exerting wasted energy, fears and anxiety, and the frustration of trying to make things happen!

Activate Your personal power and unleash the authentic, confident and courageous leader inside you.

You will be able to unlock your limitless potential and say goodbye to the approval addict who was caught in the performance trap.

The Royal Elite Coaching System

Royal Elite Crown
Coaching System

Let us roll out the Red Carpet and crown you as Royalty in your field to attract your dream clients and launch your legacy.

The dreams of your most innate Superstardom to be able to show up in front of the world as the celebrity in what you do is about to be realized.

Let’s collaborate on your every exquisite experience and skill set, and cultivate it into your Multi-million-Dollar Service.