I am ecstatic to Let You know I am expecting!!!!

Yep at my age – I will be giving birth and it would appear that its happening overnight.

The truth is I conceived this seed over 5 years ago and You may say its been an elephant pregnancy…..

I do hope my daughter does not follow in these footsteps

Yes a star is about to be born!!!

I am proud to say that I will be offering my New born baby to the world so you can have the opportunity to be born again too.

This vision was conceived over 5 years ago – The Master Key to Health Success & Freedom and I am about to share it with you

Its a Hybrid Program that is designed to Transform Your life from the inside out and then offers You the Master Key to unlock Your unlimited possibilities to be given the Key for life.

It has been designed based upon what I have witnessed over a decade that was missing from the Coaching industry I am in, and in particular – when people wanted to learn NLP.

Overwhelm, confusion and nervousness of not knowing where to start strangled many potential Coaches. This led to people dropping any possibility of re-purposing what they had learned and putting it into the to hard basket.

The sad part is the profound modalities that transformed their lives worked, however the chance of them putting them into practice, bedazzled them.

They walked away from their investment and although more empowered, they really had no clue what worked and why!!!

As a client seeking therapy its fair to say you may not need to know how on earth it worked or why – However – If You are like me and You want to have the power tools for life and even more so You want to share them with loved ones, family, friends, your team, your work place, your neighbours, your community – chances are you would not know where to start.

If your a person like me (and since your still reading this, there are obviously points of our value system that match) in which case you may have a rescue complex or a deep burning desire to help other, then maybe, just maybe – you may want to lead the way and become an innovative leader or life coach and If that’s you – Your soul is about to be fully nourished and fed the greatest of spiritual food.

If you want to know more about my new Hybrid innovative program.
You can simply text me on 0433 413 985 or email meschiro@bigpond and tell me Your story……I would love to hear it.

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