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Since I understand the rules that the subconscious mind follows, with absolutely no regard for time, age or any fluff!!!!

I discovered the one main thing if I was going to look younger than my 52 years, have a lean, mean fighting machine, as my body temple and a kick butt brain chemist, that produces high turn over of cellular repair –Age would be so much less and time would give me so much more!!!!

So Ageless mind, timeless body and beauty serves my innate need, want and desire to be healthy, gorgeous, lean and energetically enhanced by my own mind!

I studied long enough to be still verging on young when I began.  I came to know the secrets of manifestation and THE BIGGEST POW WOW MOMENT OF LEARNING WAS INSIDE ME!

And since I am not alien and actually do come inherently from Planet Earth – THE POWER IS INSIDE YOU TOO – YOU JUST NEED TO FUCKING STEP INTO IT!!!

Here is the secret of ageless mind & timeless body & beauty

The universe and your unconscious both function on a metaphysical level of energy and frequency.  Both elements know all and yet they know nothing about content, time or details.  This means that your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality!!


  Would you like to know how to do this????

  1. Going on a journey through time back to each age of where your muscles, cells and body looked, felt and produced those endorphins
  2. Anchoring into your muscles, the experience in vivid color, coding your mind and connecting that blueprint to your cells
  3. Future pacing yourself into the future.  What do you look like in your perfect body?.  How does it feel  moving around in it? What are the secrets you know in the future that you can–integrate to the present???
  4. Lock it in coding your mind  with vivid color, and vibrant sound with a compelling experience
  5. Take action and mindfully practice moving like a 25 year old, feeling the skin of your youth old and hearing the wisdom of your future self
  6. Check your ecology to ensure it is a safe transition for rapid results and positive change
  7. Congratulations you have begun the first day for the rest of your life!
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