‘Ageless Mind, Timeless Body’

I know the secret of my body comes down to what I see in myself in the eye of my mind How do you see your body in the eye of your mind? When you see yourself in the light of the image you desire.and carve it into every cell of your brain….You will manifest […]

“Wildly Uninhibitedly, Unashamedly, Successful” 10th August 2018

Affirmation – I allow my gift to flow out of me like a river streaming with passion, purpose and success. Becoming Wildly, Uninhibitedly, Unashamedly, Successful is about letting go and letting live!!!! In my program I am going to walk you through some powerful techniques that will cut the shackles, unlock the prison of your […]

Magnetically attracting rich relationships August 5 2018

Affirmation “I Attract all the right people into my life that flow with my ultimate purpose” “I am becoming who I was destined to be and I am a magnet to all the right people and all the opportunities leading me to my destiny” Discover your Soul Purpose and Stop Sabotaging your Life with a […]

Building Your Wealth Empire

 My Positive Vibration Energy is creating my reality  I ensure I am in a positive vibration and commit myself daily to taking action to move me toward my goal What is it that moves you toward your goal? The fact is, that the greatest action that will move you toward what you desire will come […]

Building Your Wealth Empire

There is a Science behind being Rich!!! Yes, its been said in the book “The Science of being Rich” By Wattles –  It’s by – “DOING THINGS IN A CERTAIN WAY” I never did get what they meant….Until one day – BAMMMM!!!! There is a specific code for all things we do.  This is not […]