There is a true science behind being rich and whilst many people think it is based on brains or beauty or skills or simply having a large bank account, this could not be further from the truth.

Your bank account is what you are investing in YOU!!!

That’s right…..The more you pour into yourself and build a rock solid framework of self-empowered thoughts, that will become a frequency. The frequency is completely determined upon your own innate emotional wellbeing.
Money is actually a currency that is a circulation deriving from what you are able to give out to the world.
Self-doubt and lack of self-belief are the two biggest killers of success.

What many people do not recognize is that when you are holding back what you can offer to the world because of fear of failing, not only are you letting yourself down and dropping your emotional frequency, you are also depriving the world.
So the secret of riches lives inside you.

Just imagine if you could go to a magical Island called “Destiny” where you would meet with your higher self, the you of the future. In this magical Island with sapphire blue oceans and snowy white sands that glow a warmth between your toes, You are also surrounded by 4 of your most favorite people that you enjoy being with.

These 4 people love and adore you and believe in you. However, there are also 3 other people. These 3 other people are like famous super stars who have gone before you and accomplished the greatest success. One person has actually achieved what you truly desire. They are there to guide you and give you the wisdom of all you need to become everything you want to be.

Of course, in this magical adventure, you have the opportunity of living into this epic journey filled with confidence, certainty, connection and contribution.

So, there you are living this life of complete riches, wealth and abundance. While you are on this journey, there is as higher part of you that is turning up the vibration through a remote control, so the experience is being generated and multiplied on tap and through an endless flow of good feelings.
When you return from your epic adventure, you bring back with you this new frequency and the secret………

The secret is that wealth is a flow of abundance that moves with ease when you are in the vortex of high frequency.
So its not about brains, beauty or some phenomenal skill that makes people rich, its about your energy, your thoughts and the vibration you are thinking about, that bring about your wildest dreams!!!

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