Ageless Mind, Timeless Body

Let’s talk to your brain chemist and tell that part of your infinite intelligence exactly what you need! If you need more happy endorphins then this will allow the happiness to rise and multiply. If you need more serotonin this will create more enzymes of serotonin in your mind and in your gut and then […]

Becoming Wildly, Unashamedly, Uninhibitedly Successful

What if you could leave behind all your limitations and inhibitions that have been set up by past experiences…. I love taking people away to a magical place where they can rise above their situation and float up to an infinite, timeless space. The meditation I bring allows people to go on a magical adventure […]

The Library of Resources

Imagine if you could access every learning resource that you thought went in one ear and flew out the other!!! When I was in school I was called daydreamer! I had short term memory malfunction and issues comprehending what was taught. I had a knack of thinking on my feet, making what they consider “impulsive […]

Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships

The Magnetic Relationship Formula Yes, there is a science behind attracting rich relationships. The formula is simple and yet the meditation process will take you through the deep breathing of tuning inward and becoming present. It’s about releasing the ties and bonds from the past, that can hold us hostage, causing us to repeat patterns […]