The Magnetic Relationship Formula
Yes, there is a science behind attracting rich relationships. The formula is simple and yet the meditation process will take you through the deep breathing of tuning inward and becoming present.
It’s about releasing the ties and bonds from the past, that can hold us hostage, causing us to repeat patterns over and over, until we are prepared to release and let go of the past.
Everything we truly desire is within reach and yet the law of attraction will draw it to you as if your mind is a magnet.
Whatever you focus your thoughts upon, you will surely attract as if you want it, desire it, as your thoughts are the frequency requesting to the Universe, all you are asking for through your thought process.
The law of detachment to all things outside of yourself will erase anxiety or feelings of loss attached to not having it. This is a powerful force that will flow your thoughts into feelings of harmony when you are detached. This is a far more powerful way of attracting to you what you desire.
The law of non-resistance is another powerful law where you can remain completely unaffected by other people’s opinions and expectations, even when they may provoke negative feelings. When you give attention to any matter, you are giving it power. If you react to other people’s energy, you are feeding the dragon and enticing more of the same energy.
Becoming present with yourself and tuning inward and letting go of all the past, will allow you to breath in new life. Letting go, forgiving others who have wronged you will not be doing them a favour in you releasing ill feelings, it’s about freeing yourself and claiming back your power.
The secret of magnetically attracting rich relationships will be strong when you are in a state of non-resistance and detached from the things you want.
This is a charismatic force that will surely draw people to you when you are in this neutral state.
Of course, when you treat others, just as you want to be treated with the same measure, magic will happen.
Falling in love with your own being in a way that will glorify your life and standing strongly in your truth, will also reveal the authentic, raw truth and the truth will set you free.
When you can clear out all negative from your cells and fill your whole being up with love and light, this is when you will attract your soul mates.
Breath in new life of light, love and glory and exhale the old negative patterns. Stand tall in your truth, love yourself first so you will be opened up wide to more love. Let go of those who hurt you and treat others as you want to be treated.
These laws will surely draw the right people nearer to you and you will draw near to them.
Take time to be present, to imagine the feelings from within and to appreciate all of who you are.

Be grateful for all things you love, so that will be added to you In the same measure.
There is only one you, the true, authentic and real person, where the world and your tribe await you in the name of being the truest, purest, version of you possible!
Breath in this pure love and exhale out all of the past.

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