Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships!

This is a meditation I developed this week that will Ascend you to the next level Of such a high vibration frequency Because I take you through a soul cleansing, Healing and releasing Sequence Of letting go of the Pain and hurt from the relationships of your past! You will come to learn through my […]

Building Your Wealth Empire

The meaning of Wealth, riches abundance – may seem like a dirty, filthy word to some. In fact maybe 12 months ago I would have been too embarrassed to speak of money. I have heard people who have enough money shrug it off and say – its not about the money. What are they doing??? […]

Ageless Mind, Timeless Body

It really begins in the mind. In this sequence inside my meditation hub, I will take You through specific codes that will literally change the DNA of Your Physical and Mental dysfunction and re- code it with a specific combination of blue prints from the past. We will code Your hormones – Accessing the subconscious […]

Designer Coded Confidence

There is a science behind Success and the Number 1 Key Factor is Confidence!!! We are not born with confidence.  It is learned skill, such as becoming a great bowler, a skilled beauty technician, a talented tennis player, a creative marketer, a good business person.  There is a science behind the physical, spiritual and mental […]

Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships

This meditation will take you on a journey where you will firstly meet Your higher self. Its the one already free of those relationships that have hurt you. Its the You that when you first take that initial step you may not be able to see it clearly, vividly or precisely. However the magic is […]