Ageless Mind, Timeless Body

I decided to give you these affirmations that suits this amazing meditation My Present is the greatest gift and I breath in from my heart, my and soul this moment to ground me into the now. I breath in new life and exhale out all trapped energy and ego that is not serving me. I […]

Ageless Mind, Timeless Body

This morning I created my weekly meditation of Ageless Mind and Timeless Body – And for subscribers in my hub – its going to give You the power to become fully Aligned with Your Mind, Body & Soul. No point saying “My body is Trim, Toned, Healthy, Strong and Balanced – if You know dam […]

Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships

Imagine this – You have just read the greatest book that feeds Your soul, awakens your spirit, heals your heart and clears your subconscious mind. The book was for you to grow. To expand. To learn. To indulge and become immersed in a Transformation. By the end of the book, you are a different person. […]

Building Your Wealth Empire

Wealth will come to the one who appreciates it and understands many elements about prosperity. 1. To align Your core beliefs in knowing the goodness of riches 2. To understand that riches are noble and good people utilize it for good 3. To understand that money is a Value that is emergent in contributing to […]