I decided to give you these affirmations that suits this amazing meditation

My Present is the greatest gift and I breath in from my heart, my and soul this moment to ground me into the now.

I breath in new life and exhale out all trapped energy and ego that is not serving me.

I am hitting the reset button to align myself into my infinite higher self

I am thriving in all that is within my life purpose and when I feel resistance, I tune into it and release any elements of life I need to let go of now

I am so grateful for my thriving health and the Soul purpose of my life

I am so grateful for the inhale of my breath being all that I receive and the exhale of breath being what I give out to the Universe.

Doors of opportunity are opening for me to step into the life that is aligned with my highest purpose

I am truly grateful for my loved ones and their protection, health and long lives as I have been abundantly blessed with, in my life.

I am grateful to be a strong intuitive being tapped into what is good for my life and I know when to say no and I know when to do what is best for me.

When I do what is best for in love, care, health and vitality I multiply my own gift in giving to others.

I send love out to all who hurt me, for they are my greatest teachers. I let go of any strong hold they held over my life and give thanks that I am now free.

I am grateful for all the experiences that caused me pain, for I know I have grown now, and I have elevated into the person I was designed to be.

I am so grateful that I gained the wisdom and flow to release pleasing others because I value my own life above all the fleeting and impossible old ways of doing and saying things to please others.

Written by : Terri Messenger

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