Ageless Mind, Timeless Body

This week of Ageless Mind, Timeless Body – I presented a special from my Mind and Body Transformation Program. This gives you the linguistic portal into stating what You want in Your life and finding the true value from Your deepest Why! When the Why is attained, the how takes care of itself. We go […]

Building Your Wealth Empire

On this epic adventure this week in my Meditation Hub – We build Your Wealth Empire. Since I was a child, I always had a knack for telling stories. It was magical, adventures on Magic Carpet rides and weird & wonderful dungeons where we locked up the evil monsters and escaped into a land of […]

Wildly. Unashamedly. Uninhibitedly.

In this weeks Meditation You will release all the blockages of old beliefs, negative emotions and all the build up trapped in Your muscles. Releasing it and being set free means – re -coding a new system of Unconditional love and boundless Self Worth and Confidence to elevate You into Your highest State. You will […]

Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships

People grow up conditioned by the Bull Sh#$ stories that impact their lives. They learn their parents traditions and belief systems around relationships. We make meaning to what is expected of us in our lives! Watch the right age to marry. Beliefs around relationships. We have been conditioned by the way that people treat us […]