Dissolving Decades of Stuckness through Hypnotic Metaphors

Imagine You have so much Fear that causes exhausting, over whelm that causes the mind to be so trapped in the mental fog that You find yourself not functioning or recalling information the way You know you could when. This technique will assist You to clear the blocks that cause stuckness and become laser focused […]

Removing Abundance Blocks

Clearing Negative Energy Pattern will allow you to know that Your body is a more reliable source than Your mind.When you are feeling blocked it will indicate in 3 areas of your body, although can spread throughout other parts. This will be either in the head, the heart/chest or the gut. This is known as […]

Becoming Wildly, Uninhibitedly, Unashamedly Successful

Becoming Wildly , Uninhibitedly, Unashamedly Successful means – Discovering What You truly want. It also means seeing Yourself standing at the highest point, so You can break through the barriers of here and now to become one with it. Imagine tapping into the one thing that You need to change to Transform Your life Developing […]

Magnetically Attracting Rich Relationships

This week I want to talk about the Circle of Life, or should I say the Cycle of Life. We are born into our Family of origin. We choose our parents and those who are on this journey with us, because on some deep spiritual connection, these significant people are here to teach us so […]