Your Voyage through Ancient Wisdom to Find Your Inner Genius

This is a long Hypnotic, Meditation best done before sleeping. You can even fall asleep and wake up the next day without having heard it, because the Subconscious will do all the work for You. So here is a few tips – Firstly set an intention of Discovering Your God given gift. What is it […]

Becoming Passionately Successful

Monday Meditation Imagine if You could let go and release all the old voices of the past and the belief systems that told You – You are not good enough, the fear of not fitting in and the fear of failure and replaced it with a new strength, a new sense of self belief and […]

Ageless Mind and Body Healing

Please do not listen to this whilst driving a vehicle or requiring any concentration. Deep meditation state to Your blissful health Set your intention before going to paradise. How do You look in your greatest Body? What do people say to you when they see you? What is the most profound change that has become […]