This is a long Hypnotic, Meditation best done before sleeping. You can even fall asleep and wake up the next day without having heard it, because the Subconscious will do all the work for You.

So here is a few tips –

Firstly set an intention of Discovering Your God given gift.

What is it that You do and love?
What do you do where you find yourself being lost in time?

On this Voyage back through Ancient generations, you will go back to where you arrive at Majestic Castle.

You will given the gift of Ancient wisdom where You will feel an Acceptance of all things through understanding all things dark and light were assigned to You.

You are given the Key to a Successful life through this Ancient wisdom
Letting go of clutter of the mind and Your space of environment
Becoming one with nature
Meditating and having Gratitude
Understanding Your God given gift
And being playful and having fun and adventure

Get ready to install the habits of Success and go on an adventure to discover Your inner genius

Terri xxx

Written by : Terri Messenger

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