Your body has its opportunity to re-build again, whilst your spirit, freely goes out to master the granular and incremental minute details to create your master peace.

Who have you become?
What is Your body like in its strongest, purest and most divine form?
What parts of you specifically have improved and risen to bring you into your highest well being?

Now as you are floating in space above time you look down and see the new transformation of your body as it miraculously forms afresh and anew. All new cells now formed, completely rejuvenated and renewed.
Your mind is now going through a cleansing process where all bitterness, hatred and discord is now being transmuted.

Are you willing to let go of all distension you have held toward others?
Any jealousy, envy or any ill feeling is only bitter to you. You are so vitally important. You are so amazingly made. Every breath you take now can transmute all negative energy. As you breath in, you will take in new fresh life. As you breath out, you will release all negative energy and any ill feelings you harbored toward others.

Any separation or disconnection is now converting from a severed rope with its frayed edges and is now becoming soft, like wool and pliable like doh and you are becoming as one with the world.
Your renewal from the old shell into the break through of you expanding among the stars, the moon and the light is your opening now to recreate and master the details of becoming all you want to be.

The details will take care of themselves and yet they will be like the jewels threaded into the gold bangle. It’s the intricate detail of the diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds that are the most precious. Therefore as you embrace your new body. As you become aware of your God given gift. You now allow the infinite details of your full body, cellular and vascular system as well as every granular molecule and organ now refreshing and rebuilding into full harmony.
You are magnetic

You are a divine force in your life

You are youthful beyond comprehension and radiant, strong and healthy too.
You have mastered the present of being in every moment. You are open to opportunity to meet the right people and move through the right doors. Every time you see the sky, you will be inspired of your God given gift. Each time you walk through a ;new door, it will be a sign of your infinite opportunity. When your feet get out of bed and touch the ground, you will remember your true earth grounded and honorable life

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