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Greetings from Terri Messenger

Omg Its time to Magnetically Attract Your Soul Aligned Clients, friends and relationships and develop a Sacred Divine Service, where you sell like a superstar

We are not talking icky, slimy sales here, where you picture a guy in a sharp dressed suit, sweet talking you into buying a vacuum cleaner!  That must totally suck lol!!! Sorry if you do sell vacuum cleaners, I really do have the greatest respect for you.

I myself was the biggest bargain bandit by nature and this was a blue print that Miss Money Penny needed to say goodbye too.

I am sure you are totally over Money Penny, if You have heard my story, read my letter saying sorry and bearing my soul to the world about my roller coaster journey with Money going in and out faster than 2 lovers making mad passionate love for the first time!

Growing up all as I witnessed in my family was my Burmese Father, with a successful Real Estate business, stuck in his poverty blueprint of being brought up In a 3rd world Country.

I am not joking when I say our blue print is carried through our DNA and half the time we are living out of other peoples beliefs.  My western blonde haired blue eyed Mother, had to humour my Fathers poverty mentality that she referred to as “false humility” and every time she bought something, unless it was food or shelter, it was the biggest bargain of the century!  She felt she had to say this to keep my Father happy.  No wonder I grew up with a rather odd relationship with Money Penny.

It was actually a vacuum cleaning sales man that totally broke my pattern of the bargain bandit and called my bluff one hot summers day, after my vacuum blew up and there was dog hair all over the house.

Anyway, this Vacuum cleaning Sales man was known to be the greatest in the biz.  Can you imagine my shock when I was liaising over the cheapest vacuum cleaner on the floor and of course I hit him up for the biggest discount.  That was the part where if I had a friend with me, they would suddenly make a mass exit, or my husband would quietly walk away.

This sales man was different.  There was no slick designer suit and definitely no sleight of mouth.  That was my job!!!

Rather he was obscurely present and for the short time I was in the store, he was ingeniously observant.  He knew what car I had pulled up in and as a matter of fact it was when my hubby had not long purchased me a brand new white Toyota Hybrid, flashy and the first of the breed at the time, although today desperate for an update.

So was the greatest sales man in vacuum cleaners of the south of the river going to charm me into a sale I thought to myself.

Quite the contrary.  To my horror the words that flew childishly from his transparent lips were  “So, What’s it like being the biggest tight arse in Your family?”  I cleared my throat and said – Sorry what???  I mean I did hear him loud and clear but my brain did not quite compute.  I looked quite the lady too, with my fancy spancy heels and hot pink frock.

This was the biggest pattern interrupt since NLP!  Yep he repeated it and then went on – I bet your purse is full of cash!!

The worst thing was – my purse was never full of cash, but coincidentally on this occasion, I was on my way to do the banking, so in this case it was.  I was shocked “Is this guy reading my mind?”

Anyway less than 15 minutes later, I was walking out with the best Italian vacuum cleaner in the shop and an empty purse!!!

10 years on – Do I regret it???  It is possibly one of the best buying decisions I made.  I was going to buy the cheapest vacuum cleaner in the shop and purchased the most expensive and that vacuum cleaner still cleans my house today, and as long as it keeps on sucking, it will be a reminder of the raw honest and humble commodity!

My point is that the smooth talking sales man in the shiny 3 piece suit is not the sharp tool in the house!!

Also do not get fooled into thinking that good looks and charm are related to magnetism!  Because they aren’t!!!

And in case You thought you had to be some super slick confident super star that can woo the pants off Mother Teresa, you better stop kidding yourself.

What I am about to talk to you about and launch this week, is the magic potent powerful formula of unmasking YOU and leaving your shame under the same rock,  You cringed when You thought about sales as from the sweet talkers and magnetism linked to looks and chemistry that temporarily makes sparks fly in the beginning.


I am talking about Authentic Natural Purpose and Passion that flows from the heart and is released through unmasking years of limiting beliefs about money, relationships and success!!!

This is the liberation that frees you to become real,  honest and so transparent, that it becomes sacred!

The moment you start overthinking what You are going to say or do with people or a business deal, You kill the magic principle of magnetism and sacred sales.

Most people will proudly state – they just do not have it in them to be a sales person!!

When you hear this Break Through Coaching Session, You will eat your words and understand that every success you have ever executed in your life such as Your relationships, your i Your inner circle and any influence You have ever held in your life, is a sales transition.

Magnetism and Sales go hand in hand and when you learn this principle I am willing to teach You, your whole world will change for the better and suddenly, your success, your money and your relationships, will move to the next level.

Are You willing to go to the next level in your life???

Imagine suddenly having the divine Yoni Power or Alpha Male balls to become a walking talking magnet for all the right people.  No charm required!

Imagine if You are a business person, leader, Coach or influencer, not to mention a teacher, a nurse, a minister or someone who counsels people.

Allow me to be harsh for a moment!! This is for real I once talked a man out of killing himself.  Yes and that happened to be over a decade ago and he is connected with me on Facebook and every so often he drops in to say hi from his world travel and great life adventures today.

If you’re a parent or you have parental influence with others, You are also a sales person.

This is the difference between the smooth talking icky sales person with good looks that is jumping loops to get your attention,  to the the natural Magnetic Attraction of irresistible MAGNETISM THAT WILL HAVE YOU ATTRACTING  WHAT YOU WANT LIKE A ROCKSTAR for being 100% You!!!!


There is also nothing icky about You succeeding and calling in the right relationships, raising Your standards and lowering your tolerance about putting up with anything less than You want to make Yourself available for.

In the same way it will be a massive feather in your cap to have Superstar sky rocketing skills in communication that some refer to as sales.

This one hour of power will be held as a training from THE AWAKENED LEADER – this week I will deliver a powerful workshop that will take You through the key elements of

Magnetic Attraction and Sacred Sales so you can communicate with potent power and precision even if You are totally introverted and struggle finding the right words!!

You can access this workshop with full training for just $97.00 or book a call with me to map out Your greatest way forward – Click n book here https://calendly.com/meschiro-1/45-min


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