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Warning – long blog and some graphic content 😲

I served my Communiy and those I serve this week by investing in my next level business investment πŸ’₯β­πŸš€

I know this will help my people rise through my services, as I groom myself for the next level. πŸš€β­πŸ’₯

A great athlete will always have a Coach, its that simple. πŸ€Έβ›·οΈπŸͺ‚

I know when I am up levelling I meet wih big challenges – ‘A new level a new devil” and these are the tests of life to ensure I am sharpened to take my community to the next level.

So here are the warning graphics- 🀭

I had to spend my morning alchemizing my soul from some old wounds that decided to rudely emerge.

I know that as I call in the prosperity codes, I have to think big and I am called to expand my container to hold space for the abundance coming my way. πŸ”‘β˜οΈπŸ™

This morning up came an old blast from the past!

My shadow self clothed in its glory! πŸ€•

This causes the lowest frequency being shame!

I had a flash back to my teenage years where I bared my soul and worthlesslly allowed msyelf permission to lower my standards, morals and ethics with a guy I was deeply infatuated with. When this day flashed up in front of me I thought – Oh my Lord, what the heck am I doing thinking about that? 🀭

Just like a horror movie, about 5 to 6 other movies flashed up in my mind.

My mind was going – What the?

I was lucky if I was 16 years old. I recognized I could have played the victim mentality with these scenes flashing across my mind! More interesting than the bold and the beautiful 😲

I found myself sinking into a low vibe of regret and why the Hal was I thinking these kind of thoughts?

I picked up on my own wretched self sabotage real quick and asked myself “What is the energy and frequncy of this shiz show?

It was better than my favourite most juiciest box office smash hit movie?”

I knew I had to clear it and thank God I’m a genius at doing this at the speed of light πŸ‘Œβ˜€οΈπŸŽ‡

It was a pre destined suffering to clear the path for more prosperity!

I needed to clear this shiz! Especially because shame is the lowest frequency of all.

I lit candle that happen to be sage of course and took myself back to being a young girl. I asked her what was te reason she allowed herself to undervalue her own soul.

Another vision popped up and this time it was an even younger verion of me. I had been bashed by a cousin and received a mild frontal lobe
head injury. Yes you heard that correct. 😲

I have totally forgiven him, so it kind of feels weird having this conversation. πŸ™

He was a teenager at the time and I know him today.

I was 8 years old!

As our familys were very close, there were lies covered over the scene to protect his name. I was to young to defend myself and my parents did not want to believe I had been bashed.

From that day forward it played havoc on my boundaries, my self worth and I did not feel I was important.

I am so grateful for this experience because it lead to do many more hardships!

It’s the hardships that have made me who I am today πŸ’―πŸŒβœ…

One would imagine that by now all of these past events would be cleared.

In many ways they are and now even more so, however there are layers I shifted through this morning!

These were the hidden emotions attached to the frequency of shame.

There is no doubt that the energy that is related to prosperity is gratitude!

I nearly fell into the trap!

I am also taking my biz with a team to the next level for 2021 and therefore its important to make room for more growth, more expansion and more room to call in codes of wealth and prosperous riches.

This is not for the reason of simply beng rich, this is for the purpose of growing a team in the new Year and serving more people.

I have already employed a VA and I have paid coaches who are unbelievably grateful for receiving money even before they activate any work.

One coach said – ‘Terri I cannot believe you are paying me because I simply referred someone to you and if they have my experieince, you could save their life’.

2021 I plan to be paying more coaches and increasing the amount as they step up and serve at the next level.

I was surprised this coach without experience Recognized the work dedication and committment it takes to develop a client and create space to serve them!

You need to demonstrate creditilty. You need to nurture them and demonstrate your dedication and service!

Clients do not just fall in your lap when they have been invited into a free group!

I was impressed this coach even before her career has begun Recognized this!

I am grateful I make the role look easy however it comes with so much time effort and experience!

Napoleon Hill was asked to work with Andrew Carnegie for free to gain opportunity and wisdom.

Of course it was a test and the Young Napoleon went on and worked for free and past the test and became a renowned journalist & Multi Millionaire.

The Coach that pointed this out has barely begun her career and yet by her shock of receivng her first payment, it demonstrated a lot of wisdom.

βœ… First law of prosperity – Gratitude

βœ… 2nd law of Prosperity – wisdom

βœ… 3rd Law of Prosperity Reciprocity – the cooperation of a Master Mind Tean.

2021 is going to be a a Year of serving many people and offering powerful programs and building a team to create legacy work!

It will hold potent powerful rersources, services and rich divine content!

I am beyond grateful to be on this journey and as my Mum says, the best is yet to come!!

I will be extending an invite for 2021 Scholarships and multi million dollar Mentorship & Training on our next full moon cycle Nov 30th – I will be extending invites soon to you and then onto the public!


Terri xxx


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