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So what is the secret of multi million-dollar energy and the greatest body?

It’s the art of tuning into Your inner primitive switch and allowing the miracle of your body to produce all the right cells and pathways to create Your greatest body!

So many of us override our natural inborn switch to tune into our body and know when we are truly hungry. As a result that hunger switch gets turned off and replaced with the patterns created from your upbringing and Your habits and rituals.

The 64 million dollar question is are You eating Yourself into the best health of body and health or are you indulging through emotions that have impacted Your metabolism and the ideal body of Your dreams.

Today I spoke to 3 people who just complete my White Glove of Transformation –Master Key Number 1

Multi million Dollar Energy – 5D Frequency.  This is The Body Transformation through Re Coding Rituals and Habits and the results are phenomenal.

It never ceases to amaze me how as people shred the excess kilos, when they come through my White Glove Transformation, its truly the pain and suffering from the past and old habits that have been developed that is peeling away.  

The comments I heard back from 3 people who all have had 2 private consultations and all have tuned into their true body clock and have totally changed their outlook on food, eating to be trim, fit and healthy, with comments of unstoppable energy, socializing with friends more, wearing new clothes.  The man’s point of view as he has let go and disbursed the kilos, has gone down 3  belt notches, having shred 8 kilo’s in less than 21 days and feels so good he says he’s making decisions in his career, riding the high tail and feels like nothing is stopping him now.

I love hearing the radical changes through my programs.  The Master Key 1 with a focus point on health and body, usually attracts people who want to get fit and shred the excess kilos.  However I called it Multi million Dollar Energy, because that is the result as people are really letting go of baggage of the past, and re coding their rituals and habits. 

We genetically re code the cells of their body through meditations where I speak to the brain chemist of the mind.  Yes we transmute old cells into crystal clear new cells.  Clearing the blockages that stem from toxic emotions, that were formed from negative thoughts, and allows renewal of the central nervous system, because our mind and body are the true miracle of life.  When You experience the power of Your mind through my hypnosis meditation session it truly produces them most miraculous results.  This is because YOUR mind is the miracle not me.  It is simply my sacred Genius Zone in knowing how to make profound change to the body through the mind. 

In this Master Key 1 – You will unlock Your Multi million dollar energy in less than 30 days through a life revolutionizing Program that takes up little time and contains the ease and flow of simple fundamental and yet profound new habits.

It will take You through daily rituals to kick start Your day.

The natural life force of breath work for self awareness and letting go of stress

 Mind to Muscle Restorative Movement for the purpose of tuning into Your body and developing a magical awareness and renewed way of thinking feeling and being in Your new body!

Every element of Your life is coded by the brain, hence why I designed the 5 Master Keys that cover Your Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career and Your Purpose Mission and Vision in life.

The power of eating Your way into the greatest body for life. This will take You back to Your primitive miracle of mother nature. Eating when You are hungry Eating what You truly desire Stopping when You feel content Eating Consciously The training is centered around this concept so you have a life long new way of eating into Your best health and body. 

The meditation of cellular repair and an ageless, timeless body.

I have discovered at a fundamental level that when people release the past and end suffering and bad habits, they rise into their Mission, Vision and Purpose.  This is what truly gives unstoppable energy and is the life force.

The 5 Master Keys are my Soul life work that I also impart to other Coaches to become part of the legacy that I have developed for over 14 Years giving people the turn key to unlock their wildest success. This is everyone’s favorite as It holds all our powerful mindset magical meditations and modalities to shift the old way and allows you to create Your new goals.














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































I am giving You as a subscriber on my email list this special gift of meditation. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you do not have to wait for Facebook to give you a notification, You will get most of my powerful meditations when You subscribe.

If You want great health and body – learn the art to listen to your body and go back to the primitive miracle of your hunger switch and eat Your way into Multi million-dollar energy!

If you want to be a great salesperson – look at who is selling the most service or product you offer and find out how they think and what they believe and borrow their perspective.

If you want to be rich – value yourself and have a mission purpose and service with a deliverable that is second to none!

If you want love, love yourself first and honor your values with high regard so that you will be truly loved, honored, and respected.

Remember: The world is a mirror reflecting back to you your strengths, your weaknesses, and your dreams!

Finally be grateful and especially happy for others who succeed, rather than judge with envy or compare – The Universe hears your frequency and will ensure You receive all you are grateful for and become all you see that is truly great in others!

Anything anyone else can do, you can do it too ❤️🏆🔑

To listen to my Meditation Go here –

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Terri xxx


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