In the same miraculous way that Your whole body operates in divine order in automatic, the same system that flows life energy, breathing and naturally giving life derives from the same mechanism as what runs your patterns, habits and automatic rituals.

As You listen to this audio meditation, I would like You to consider this question.

Are Your rituals supporting the mind, body and soul that You truly want?

Are You happy with Your body Size??

Are You as energized and healthy as You want to be?

The next question is What is it that You know needs to improve?

Even Your Hormones, Blood Circulation, Sugar levels, Thyroid function,

Serotonin s and all cell renewal can be considered in you understanding what You would like to Improve.

In this week’s meditation, we will flow new blood through Your body as a renewed life force, to bring back your Youthful energy and vitality.

We will flick off the old switch that was turned on in Your childhood, forming Your eating habits and creating your beliefs around Your body and well-being.

This meditation will allow you to reset and re-program Yourself with new patterns, beliefs and blueprints supporting Your ideal body in its size, shape, fitness, energy and vitality.

This is the easiest and most effortless way to slough away the years of time, rid the excess kilos and step into the body of Your dreams.

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