This morning I created my weekly meditation of Ageless Mind and Timeless Body – And for subscribers in my hub – its going to give You the power to become fully Aligned with Your Mind, Body & Soul.

No point saying “My body is Trim, Toned, Healthy, Strong and Balanced – if You know dam well, you’re carrying excess kilos, or feeling some pain or are aware of physical symptoms.

Stepping into Your full wellbeing is not about kidding Yourself into something You know simply is not true. My meditative teaching is about coming into full awareness of what is not right. Pointing to it, leaning into its intention and transforming it!

That’s right! You have a miracle body that heals itself. I am not professing to be a guru that heals, because that is not true. I do however know a thing or too about how the Subconscious is running Your cells, your habits and your entire nervous system and therefore I give my listeners the opportunity to walk through that process with ease and reconnect with their highest self and fully embody a life without anger, bitterness or resentment that caused health issues, excess kilos, sluggishness and foggy mind.

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