Let’s talk to your brain chemist and tell that part of your infinite intelligence exactly what you need!

If you need more happy endorphins then this will allow the happiness to rise and multiply.

If you need more serotonin this will create more enzymes of serotonin in your mind and in your gut and then create a happy environment where you you feel completely balanced!

If you require laser focus, more concentration and a sharp memory your brain chemist will deliver all the right energy resources to give you all of those amazing gifts.

Just the way it all worked when you were in the best youthful element of your life

Now picture that you’re watching yourself on a screen with all of this energy with all this focus with your new lean body with your exceptional mindset – and you are noticing how you can do so much more because you are fitter Leaner, healthier brighter smarter – so you feel this lightness within you, and feel the exciting energy pumping the blood through your body!

Everybody in the world has their own set of issues and limiting beliefs, however as you imagine yourself being so empowered on the big movie screen, imagine being able to reach out and touch and feel it between your fingers and give it a colour!

Notice that you can even hold in your hands and deliver it into the appropriate date that you know you will achieve your ultimate body, health and hormonal balance – That gives you an ageless mind and timeless body!

And when you return your whole being is full of love and light so the experience has uplifted you and strangely enough you feel the lightness as if your body has shred and let go of all toxins.

Your spirit cleansed and your mind, laser sharp and focused!

You are ready to take on the world 🌎

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