Imagine if You could re-write the blue print of Your energy, vitality, create the speed of Your metabolism and renew the cells of Your skin to look ageless and timeless as if You were in the prime Years of Your life always.

Aging is an inevitable process and yet some people will age better than others. The way You see Yourself in the eye of Your mind and how You feel plays a big part of the way You look, feel and behave.

I love creating the meditation for ageless mind, timeless body as it always takes me back to a prime time where my body was in optimum shape, my energy was high and every part of me was vibrating at a high frequency.

It is so important that we detox our thoughts so we can purify our cells as they renew. Old toxic thoughts pollute our body and cause emotional eating and bad habits.

When we go through a blissful meditation where we can rise from our ego and physical body and look upon our world as a whole, we can find the gold nuggets of moments we looked out best, maybe when we were younger and where we experienced fun, playfulness and confidence.

When we rise from our ego and physical body and become one with the Universe and its beauty, we are open to releasing old habits and dissolving them in a higher state of bliss. This is where the auto suggestion of instilling good habits, eating like a trim, fit and healthy person and coding our mind to go back to that primitive switch of eating when hungry and listening to our inner body for supreme health and well being.

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