It really begins in the mind.
In this sequence inside my meditation hub, I will take You through specific codes that will literally change the DNA of Your Physical and Mental dysfunction and re- code it with a specific combination of blue prints from the past.

We will code Your hormones – Accessing the subconscious to the blue print of Your Youth to code
Your hormones at the highest performing level of sensuality, vibrancy and energy.
We will code the blue print of Your youth during the times of rapid cellular repair, to cleanse cells and clear your body from toxins and excess baggage on a cellular level.
We will also give Create the image of Your ideal body where You are looking, feeling and activating at top level.

This meditation is our latest update this week, designed to get you into the best shape of Your life, rid the excess baggage and toxins from your body and step you into A new Designed Renewed, Balanced and Body where You will feel complete Homeostasis.

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