Every cell in Your body is a result of Your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your mind has been hard wired by many elements of good, bad, happy and sad and as we grow older our cells slow down and even as they are changing, unless Your thoughts and emotions are neutral and You are in complete homeostasis, Your cells will return smeared with the old thoughts.

Imagine bathing in a warm tub of water and immersing into it, however returning to the same bath water every time.

This is a metaphor of how the cells respond. Unless they are renewed constantly, it would be like getting into the bath tub filled with the same old water you previously bathed in.

The greatest way to a healthy mind and body with complete renewal and rejuvenation is to change the bath water each day. I mean to renew Your mind constantly. Updating old beliefs with new upgraded ones. This is for ultimate well being.

In my meditation this week, I discuss the old past structures being like an old house sitting by the water. The house is aging and dilapidated from wear and tear.

The house is set in Paradise, however its structure is falling apart.

The metaphor I utilize in the meditation is that we can smash down the old structures that are run down and utilize it as a rock solid foundation for Your new Empire.

Your body is Your Empire. Your spirit is Your infinite wealth of great prestige, now its time to rid the old and stand upon the leanings, the strength and the power it gives you to now cultivate Your new Constitution of complete renewal.

Of course You bring into Your new Palace (Your Body Temple) all the good treasures and memories and wonderful moments and fill the New Constitution with the best of what You can hold.

You can let go and release the old negative beliefs and the structure of what caused the aging system.

Now You have re-built Your Wealth Empire from within and you have all the treasures, You stand rock solid upon the leanings and You are transformed by the renewal of Your mind.

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