I know the secret of my body comes down to what I see in myself in the eye of my mind

How do you see your body in the eye of your mind?

When you see yourself in the light of the image you desire.and carve it into every cell of your brain….You will manifest that image.

So How do you look?

I have an image of myself engraved through a compelling vision, that reflects a time when I was in my youth, standing on the beach in an electric blue bathing suit.

This image dazzles with bright color and a vivid picture. This is sure to be etched into my subconscious

Every day in every way, it is our responsibility to shed the old toxic thoughts and feelings of yesterday so we may live freely according to now. That is what makes every moment of meditation a magic present state to behold.

Since we are always making stuff in our head that leads us to feel the way we feel, why not make good stuff up???

Here is three Affirmations I recommend

1. My body is my Temple filled with love and light and I nourish it with food for the soul

2. My Mind is my Empire flowing with inspiration where opportunities open up like flood gates leading me into my path of success.

3) I create space in my life for freedom to manifest those things of which I truly, deeply desire in m soul

What we think about we bring about and therefore I cannot express the importance of taking the time to release old thoughts and let go of accumulated worldly experiences that do not need to influence your presence anymore.

I create that space of where I can dust my feet and allow new experiences to evolve through flowing with a high vibration of energy.
When you come to experience a ritual off truly blissful meditation that flows with your inner spiritual radar of peace, never again will you want to Accumulate the same day to day crap and negative energy you once did prior to taking time to breath in the present moment.

Through my series of meditation I am building you up through the 4 key areas of life and raising your conscious awareness that your past is simply is simply a series of movies that no longer exist and the future has not even arrived yet…..

How often does one spend so much time contemplating the past or future to find they have lost the invaluable treasure of the present moment???

Enjoy your magical journey where your subconscious will bend time and guide you into a place called destiny to create space for your ultimate life!

Yours in health success and freedom

Terri The Messenger

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