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Imagine you are about to grade the next 8 areas of your Health between 1 and 10.
1 being low, your unhappy with it and its almost non -functional
10 being high, you feel excellent about this area

The areas of your health and body are
1. Energy E.g. 1———————(you’re here 6)————-10

2. Being totally Pain Free 1——(4) —————————-10

3. Body Shape 1——————–(5) ————————-10

4. Mental Clarity 1——————————————–(9)—10

5. Sexual Drive 1————————————–(7)——–10

6. Physical Well being 1————————(6)—————10

7. Fun/Adventure 1———————————(10)

8. Physical Function 1————————–(8)——10
Each area has been assessed on this line and imagine if it was like volume control, so you can raise all the areas that need raising.
Now imagine that because you have rated these areas you only need to turn up the volume control of the lowest area and that will raise the bar of every other area above.
Yes, raising the bar in your entire health is going to reset you for attaining your maximum potential.
Your sub-conscious is your brain chemist and as you set an intention to raise the bar on your health, simply by taking the lowest area and turning it up, you can bring the purity to every cell of your body through love and light and clear the blockages.
Imagine now, you can go back to the earliest moment of child hood where you began bad habits or the start where negative patterns began and changed it with 3 resources.
A time machine would be the answer to going back in time and coaching your inner child with new ingredients that will change the destiny of your future.
This is the magic of your mind. Your subconscious does not know the difference between fantasy & reality, so by going back to the inner child and giving yourself the knowledge and resources, you know now would benefit you, will change the destiny of your future.
Re-setting time with empowered knowledge such as having more self-discipline, more confidence, being more active will certainly change the chemistry in your brain, raising endorphins, improving cellular renewing through your thoughts, because thoughts become things.
Giving yourself the creative imagination of going back to the younger you and coaching yourself with your wisdom of knowing what you know now, will surely raise your vibration, therefore, uplift your mind and energize your body.
Your mindset can be the greatest gift to your health. This is because the cells of your body are eaves dropping on your thoughts as Dr Depac Chopra says, therefore purifying your mind will change the frequency of your vibrational health
Now imagine, you have been able to go back in time and make all the powerful changes to that one area, so as you go through life, your health is so much better in all aspects, can you imagine the possibilities that you can create for your future??
What do you look like because you have raised the bar?
What is significantly improved in your health?
How is your life so much better because you have made this change?
If you know this is good for you and In your best interest you can create this for your future and breath into it and flow into the next chapter of your life with high energy, feeling completely pain free, with an excellent body shape and mental clarity. You can live into the physical well being you truly deserve and have more fun and adventure as a result because you are now at your highest physical function.
Welcome to the foundation of Ageless mind, Timeless body!

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Since I understand the rules that the subconscious mind follows, with absolutely no regard for time, age or any fluff!!!!
The phenomina of the brain will never cease to amaze me….
When I first became a lifestyle Coach in 2006, I went crazy, like Anthony Robbins – literally helping people change the most interfering affliction in their lives. I did not go to the pub like Mr Robbins and do the deal at the bar, however the process was so dam profound – I offered it for free and as witnessed people dropping excess kilos, traumatized detectives eliminating re-occurring fear and every day people transforming into the most empowering people -Its no wonder at my initial rate of $80 per hour I was back to back with customers!!

Developing my study into the Anatomy through Hypnosis was my next big gig and people went ga ga! My own body shred the excess kilos and now I was super empowered with a mind like a steel trap and a body that was similar to the one I had in my twenties!!

Freaking heck, how is the world does not know about this stuff????

In 2017 Dr Ian and I sold our clinic of which now Ian offers his services at exclusive times of the week! I submitted my dream online to reach the world and became equally as seduced through my online private Room chats – where you can see the client and vice versa… The power is equally as astounding face to face on line and yet the benefits are multiplied by the client referring to our session as many times as they desire.

Changing the world online is very very very sexy!! It can be done any time of the day or night. It is kept as a life time session for the client and the power of the many programs is dynamic, interactive and as exciting as hal!!!

My low end program going out around the world of meditation has rave reviews – and in particular this weeks version of “Ageless Mind, Timeless Body” is a Cell renewal, Body reshaping, health enhancing process….I drop a weekly program for all on subscription.

Since I need to be a product of what I do, I listen before sleeping. The cell renewal has completely had me spiritually cleansing my whole system (if you know what I mean)

My kick butt wild success in cell renewal caused me to search the WHY……Why is it so powerful???

Would you like to know?

Depac Chopra says – The cells of our body are eaves dropping on our thoughts……My role predominantly, is to clear out the old negative stories from the clouded minds of people…..

Now imagine this: I assist YOU to clear the old stories that fill your head with shite and then speak to your brain to renew cells which is a natural process, HOWEVER BECAUSE YOU LET GO OF THE BITTERNESS, ANGER AND ALL THE CRAP – Your cells renew to a new brighter, lighter, purified and cleansed state!!


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