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If you can have days where You feel like shiz for no reason, then what would hold You back from feeling good for no reason too??

Your emotions are fully dependant upon Your thoughts.  Where do Your thoughts come from??? 

Well that is the 64 million dollar question!

Our thoughts come from our subsconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind is that part of our brain that operates in autopilot.  This is where we have learned how to walk, how to talk, how to drive, how to swim and all our life skills.  All of these things that are done on autopiolot are done through the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is the infinite intelligence that holds no virtue, no rationality nor does it differentiate between right or wrong, it simply just does do what it knows and respeonds accordingly.

So whilst it is such a blessing to have all these skills in autopilot, hence practice making perfect, spare a thought for the bad habits we do in auto pilot including Your emotions, so be prepared to get as trigggered AF about things that come up for you in life.

Maybe your whole nervous system is just blocked up with so much stuff from the past and just screaming to be cleared and let out!!

So let me tell You about my own experieince.  So energetically we can become triggered by our environment, the season, the fragrance in the room, a person’s voice, even a gesture.  Now You maybe thinking “Terri” you are really dwelling on about the negative stuff, however, lets face it, it I didnt how on earth would I heal so many peoples lives, so You can notice all the magnificence in the world!

The day I my NLP Trainer asked me to walk down memory lane and find the 3 significant emotional events in my life, was the day my whole world changed.

He asked me -what were some of the greater moments of my life too.  

Yes so as I was caught up in this bitter sweet conflict between 3 of the worst things that ever happened to me in my life and 3 of the greatest feelings I ever had, he had to set up some anchors, to fire them off to neturalise the issue.

So as I stepped out the 3 events in my life – one at a young age of 7 and another at 16 and then another at 39 – he cleverly mapped it all out.  What were the feelings??? They were crippling anxiety and paralysing self doubt where I coud not make a decision unless I had many people saying YES!

I could not do this alone.  I did not feel worthy enough and I did not have enough faith in my own decisions.  I would hide behind my work and bury myself into being busy so I did not have time to stop and notice the beauty of the world.

Even on a good day, anxiety, self doubt and lack of self worth could be triggered by someone elses opinion.  I was allowing the world to control my emotions.

It did not occurr to me I was the Master of my own Destiny.  I could command whatever I wanted into my life.  I would be triggered by people even when they were doing what was reasonable, I would find them patronising and feel they were putting me down.

I would feel like woman were competing with me and all men had a n alteria motive. My trust factor was zero.

Most of my issues stemmed from low self worth and not feeling good enough, so I would rebel against any thought that would hold me back from being free to walk my own path.

We collect not only our own wounds from the past, however the generational wounds of our lineage.  We carry it around in our DNA and it is stored in our muslces.

So next time, you feel triggered by a person even without any good reason, just keep in mind that Your subconscious mind holds all the memoy’s of generations gone by and at that level has no concept of time, space, right or wrong, nor does it isolate each person for every experieince.  It is hollographic and therefore takes in trillions of peaces of information so it will rely on emotion and energy as the trigger and if a Saint came along and possessed the same energy as a person 30 years ago, your subconscious would interpret it as a danger sign and trigger You!


So remember, even when You have spat the dummy or reacted badly or felt terrible for no good reason, its because Your subconscious is protecting You from an old event, maybe even from generations gone by.

So the question is how to clear it???

So firstly, You can set an intention to end this pattern.

You must identify the trigger and the pattern and how You feel, behave and respond in the situation.

Its mportant to understand there is a greater purpose of Your subconscious firing off this trigger to protect you.

Then decide to change Your story.  Change what You think about the person or situation that sets you off.

Reframe it and turn the story around in Your mind.  For example – that women who is patronising me and acting like she is putting me down or competing against me, is really insecure and wants my approval. She is simply trying to help me, not patronize me.

Next – you need to consider what You want to command in to Your life.  What would You prefer???

To be in control or to be respected and acknowledge.  Or to be needed and appreciated or to be loved and connected.

What  would it take for you to feel all of those juicy, soul nourishing and fabuolous human needs???

If it would take for people to show you they needed You or how much they appreciate you or to applaud you and recognize you, just find that warm feeling that really resonates with you.

Now find a time in Your life where You have felt that deep sense of appreciation, importance, love, need, respect and bring that up into your mind.

Find 2 more situations that represent all the feelings You desire, even moments of confidence, times you have heard people speak words of deep gratitude or great love for you.

Spice it up and move into moments of excitement, fun and adventure or any good memories where you know You felt amazing!

In my story it was moving along memory lane and going back to the 3  moments of pain I chose.  Little did I know by dissolving 3 significant emotions would have a domino effect, knocking down so many other negative emotions.

It was liberating, freeing and as we fired off the great memories, it was like a ripple effect of empowering, strong, new feelings of love, connection, confidence and courage all at once and You could almost hear the fire works go off in Your mind as you shoot down in flames the old triggers and re-instate with a new powerful feeling!

You can command into Your life everything You desire and especially who you want to be!

Sending you so much love and blessings and welcome you to a free call with me to map out how you can rise up and claim Your power and work with me one on one or in a powerful workshop that will totally transform your life.

Click n book here for a Free Call https://calendly.com/meschiro-1/45-min

Terri xxx












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