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Are You burning yourself out trying to earn money, just to find you have zero time to take care of your greatest asset being Your Spiritual Emotional and Physical Well Being?

I once fell into the trap of working back to back with one on one clients in the 9 to 5 Grind. Whilst loving the incredible transformation I was giving my client, I had no time to track document reflect and recharge because I was caught up in the spiral grind!

I see so many leaders and coaches stuck in that same loop and because they are so busy trying to make ends meet, the reality that is my firsthand experience is that when you stop so does the money and your left feeling so exhausted and frustrated because you know you deserve more.

This is The High Achievers Trap and the mindset of the high achiever is the performance trap!


I developed a program that ensures we are not dealing with the Pollyanna high performer of my own past, being in a mad rush to build an Empire without the rock solid foundation.

This is like building a mansion on sloping sandy ground 😳

I found that my old busy 9 to 5 life with one on one coaching was fabulous in client results, but devastating to my own financial future and emotional physical and spiritual growth of filling up my own cup,

The moment we sold our practice, our money ran out despite being multiple 6 figures!

My broke ass devastation was my biggest blessing of having to stop look learn and lean into a new level of working on my own life and having time to work on me daily 💪🏆⭐

I am thankful for the first $20000K I invested in pure strategy. But it wasn’t the whole picture.

I had already invested over $50000K in my knowledge and personal development so what the fu$% was missing?

This was the question that found me my answer


That is why I developed my Program for Leaders Coaches and High Achievers like myself to Create a Rock Solid Foundation to grow your Empire from the ground up, rather than building wide and doing this and that but having no specialised and organised knowledge for Mastery,

Because I know so well about the silent desperation of this nature, I want to blow it out of the water to help people in this battle understand the formula of expanding time and creating deep strong roots to grow your tree of life!

Grow deep for dough not wide for show!

Terri xxx


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