Monday Meditation
Imagine if You could let go and release all the old voices of the past and the belief systems that told You – You are not good enough, the fear of not fitting in and the fear of failure and replaced it with a new strength, a new sense of self belief and expanded imagination of seeing the light!

This meditation will help you remove stuck, stagnated energy and remove the sense of lack that you had and replace it with abundance, importance and clarity.

The veil is about to be lifted from Your eyes, the fog removed from your mind as you find that Jeanie in a bottle.

The confined limitations you once imposed on yourself, have now been released by Your higher self.

You even get to take a journey back to Your childhood to Transmute and clear the stagnant old stuck energy and ascend into Your most deserved qualities, where You become Passionately Successful.

If you enjoy these words, You will love the Freedom of hearing the meditation and rising into Your highest power!

Terri xxx

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