Just like a cake that is delicious to taste and glides on the tongue and is easy on the eye, there is a method and ingredients to its success.

When I was a young girl I remember vividly being on stage in front of many people. I was 14 years of age, I was in my element and that vision will always be vividly in my mind.
It was a dance/modelling graduation that I was doing with many other girls a little younger and a lot older than myself.
I was even more thrilled to have come in with the highest achievement that put me on top of the whole graduation.

So, as I dig deeply within to find the recipe of what constituted that moment of success, what would be the No: 1 Principle?
Coming in at No: 1 is being present in the moment of time and feeling a sense of confidence about what I was doing.

Nerves were present for me at that time, however that is the adrenaline that gives you the excitement and more ammunition to move forward, once you have taken the leap forward in doing what you are doing.

This is called a window of inspiration that opens up in your mind. This window has the potential to open onto an infinite space, on the other side of potential beyond your wildest dreams.

Every time a window of inspiration opens in your mind, this is the time to act immediately. Such moments of heightened thoughts that produce the endorphins of motivation can be fleeting. So, the emphasis is on “ACT NOW” so you can create a domino effect of inspiration, action and productivity.
Many people will have these fleeting moments of inspiration just to follow on with an excuse – “I am not good enough” “What if I fail” “I cannot do that anyway”.

These are the voices set up from the past that come to rob, kill and sabotage you from your success.

So, it’s true, you need to outgrow these old voices. The simple question of asking “Does the energy of this voice belong to me now?”

The answer would 95% of the time be a big fat NO!
Firstly, the old voice is one of the past. Even 2 minutes ago is the past.

Secondly, how many times have you held doubt because of something you had already experienced in life, even as a child that created that doubt?

The answer to this is also a safe 95% chance that it derived from an incident from your past. It could have also belonged to a parent’s limiting belief that you heard. This puts the answer here into an almost 100% category of being the case.
Now it’s just a case of persuading you to know that every time you have a window of inspiration, that is the time to take action.

How? Success will derive from your Art. Art is not a structure defined upon a step by step plan.
I am giving you the recipe to become successful and when you go forward and act upon your inspiration, it will be natural, easy and effortless.

More so, like my art, it will flow from your soul.
Success is not clunky, chunky, contrived and structured. It is seamless, easy, fluid and flows like a river.
I am giving you the step by step process of how to unleash your Art, so now all you have to do is set it free!

Here is the multi million-dollar step by step plan and not only will I give you the formula, you will also have the powerful resource of a Trance Meditation that will allow the input of this formula to be activated into your mind.

The 5 key ingredients to your success are the codes of your memory from moments of your own empowerment.
I have gathered the science behind success and recognized them to be stored inside your subconscious.
Now it’s just a matter of unleashing your divine, unlimited power. Now its time to reveal your art. Now it’s time for you to become your most authentic, raw, truest, purest form of yourself with absolute – life flowing super eazzzzzze!
The codes that are held within the memory of your subconscious and there is no boundaries of time for you to recall your power.

1. The memory of you having uninhibited, playful fun
2. A moment of the most fascinating, interesting learning
3. Your most confident feeling in something you have done
4. A powerfully, exciting decision you made for yourself
5. The most unwavering faith you hold in your mind about what you believe in your life

When you bake a cake, you concentrate on the method, the ingredients for one delicious recipe at a time.
Just as you give your full focus to something you want to achieve, remember when you are fully immersed in the present tense doing that one skill, you will surely master it.
So the secret of activating your codes for success is in the art of learning one great skill at a time!
Go forward and multiply as you become Wildly, Uninhibitedly, Unashamedly, Successful!!!

Enjoy this segment of meditation and please ensure you are not driving a vehicle or operating machinery while listening.

Yours in Health Success & Freedom

Terri Messenger​

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