Riches and Wealth felt like a dirty word in my spirit. Somehow if someone mentioned “I want to be rich” I would quietly look at them in disdain. It felt like an evil.

When You hear the words “I want to be rich and wealthy” what feelings conjure up in You’re body. This will come from Your deepest thoughts which are Your logical judgement.

Building your Wealth Empire

We are all wired and programmed to do what we do because of what we believe.

Our beliefs come from our family of origin. We heard, felt and saw how our Parents and significant others around us behaved with money.
This forms a seed of belief that manifests and grows through our life.

I grew up hearing My Mother telling my Father every time she made a purchase, that she got a bargain. She even felt the need to exaggerate her purchase, quite openly to us that she would simply tell Dad it was massively discounted and somehow that would ease the tension of whatever she spent.

Number 1 belief: I have to get a bargain for everything I buy.
Despite the fact my parents built their own business in Real Estate and we wanted for nothing, my Father’s history was from a poverty background, being brought up in a 3rd world Country.

My Father carried that energy, despite his wealth and looking back I picked up the energy and fear of spending money.
When you hold onto money, it becomes burden rather than a blessing.

Many people think “Money is an evil” – in fact it is more evil not to have money, it’s a curse not to be able to provide or contribute to the world.
It is not money that is an evil – it is “The love of money”

…..When someone loves money this way, they have a secret fear of losing it and therefore they hold onto it.
Money is created to flow! It is an energy which is a currency and when it flows as such, it becomes a blessing.
I knew I needed to search the story and vibration energy relating to money. I would find that it would come to me and I have even had many hundreds of thousands in my possession, however due to my beliefs and the old story – My subconscious mind ensured it would create a pattern that would assure to flee as quickly as it came through.
The most important aspect of breaking a pattern is to understand the pattern, learn and acknowledge the gift of the old way.

NLP had Transformed my mental, physical and spiritual life. The next chapter of Transformation for me is through the power of manifestation.
As a life style Coach – I have studied, invested and learned about the power of wealth. It has little to do with money itself and everything to do with your frequency behind the matter, bringing about the highest frequency given to us being in gratitude.

I know when it came to create my vision of the future, I would place conditions on what I was calling in to my life. The conditions were blurred by a fear of not having enough to do what I wanted to do with it.

That feeling of “not enough” is the killer to abundance.
We were all born into the same world and therefore we all deserve to inherit our birth right of abundance.
When I discovered a program on manifestation – I learned so much and with my own skills developed my own Program.
The biggest break through for me was in the process of moving into the dimension beyond the vision I called in. As much as I am an artist at imagination and painting pictures, unfortunately that fear of scarcity would lurk and override my ability to CREATE my abundance.

I created a 7 step Magical Manifestation Mindset program – basing every principle including the Number 7 upon what resonates with my Soul.

Gratitude Love and Energy will uplift Your vibration and bless You with Creating Your Future with a freedom of good will and abundance like a stream of endless purified water flowing with ease

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