Money is a topic that has me cringing less today than it once did even a few months ago.

We have belief systems around money that may even support and falsely justify that it is okay not to want money or to feel that some service should even be given without financial reward.

I recognized that even in my own old belief system of thinking it was virtuous to give away my time for free, this could not be further from the truth.

Yes – its true that we need to add massive value first.

Its Biblical “To do to others as You want done to You”

Its a fact that when we go the extra mile we will be recognized.

We need to take full responsibility for our beliefs around money, despite the fact they came from our family of origin and who raised us.

Gratitude is always the first fruit toward gaining great wealth. Whatever you uphold with appreciation will multiply.

All those limitations will also multiply when You apply them.

Its time to know as an adult – You can take full responsibility for Your own life.

Changing Your blue print, if you are not where you want to be will be the first step to being the cause of Your upgrade.

If you listen to my meditation and find Yourself feeling a cringe of “This is not right to desire money” or “This is only about money and that is not right either”

Then let me promise You one thing – You will never have wealth with that mind set thinking.

The other truth that I observed in my study is that all the people that have great wealth that is sustained and high ranks in their position and high quality of living all have this because their habits, traits and beliefs are on the right track.

They have created something great in the world in their own capacity that have earned them wealth.

They have the noble traits of high standards

They are usually among the upright and have earned their status in riches.

Remember Money is an emergent! It is an energy. These people ;of great wealth have a certain mindset that resembles positive energy.

The poor may see the rich as evil or wrong doing for their value of life.

If this never changes, these people will never change.

Yes I admit I once shrunk back in expecting a decent pay for my service in helping people – That was before my mentor kicked my butt and reminded me that if I am under valuing what I give to my clients, I am also undervaluing them.

The first hard lesson is in knowing I am doing a life work that has saved lives, that has given opportunity of freedom and for me to have continued that mindset put me at risk of depriving the world of my service as I may have to go and do a 9 to 5 job at the local supermarket to make ends meet.

That would cut off my ability to help the world and also supports the poverty mind set.

So what do You truly believe around money?

What do you need to take responsibility for in your thinking around your own self worth?

If you are not wanting to create a grateful mindset of investing in yourself. If you are blocked from understanding when You become the best in what you do and add massive value You deserve great wealth and so do the people that are living passionately by this belief/

If You do not even think you should be paying for the session that you are about to have in the meditation hub or believe that your outcomes are placed squarely upon Your own shoulders and the decisions you make in life are as result of what YOU chose to do.

That includes reading this blog and also if You are part of my magical meditation hub – You will recognize how this is designed to give you – Your very own resources in raising Your vibration energy.

I say with great conviction if You are not prepared to take charge of Your own life – Then I would say – “This Meditation Hub is not for You”!

This is for people who want to build up their self worth. Become clear minded. And it gives you so much power that a million people can be listening to my meditation with different desires,needs and values and yet what it will give – Is the Master key for You to take Control of Your own Life.

That is why this is based upon The Milton Erickson Hypnosis. The client is in full control. The client is given the clarity of mind to create their own destiny and that is the reason it is so widely utilized.

If you are prepared to take full responsibility for all Your own accomplishments and are grateful for your life lessons, including being on committed to making positive change – Then I gratefully welcome You into my program and I am beyond excited to allow You to create the best life for You because

I am beyond grateful to be able to serve the world in what I do and I completely uphold my 100% Massive Value that I give.

I am sending You the most powerful energy to receive the greatest investment in return for being part of my exclusive work, where every week I deliver a fresh training to bless You exactly in Your own individual way and give you the Master Key to design the life of Your dreams.

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