The meaning of Wealth, riches abundance – may seem like a dirty, filthy word to some. In fact maybe 12 months ago I would have been too embarrassed to speak of money.

I have heard people who have enough money shrug it off and say – its not about the money. What are they doing??? They may not be aware of it, however every time You shrug off, change the topic or pretend money is not important – It will be like a lover that finally flees from Your embrace, because it simply did not feel honoured.

Don’t you know by ;now that money is Energy and Energy is a currency that likes to move and circulate and be treated with the highest regard.

So here it is – Standing tall, vibrant, energetic and strong – Your life. Your Tree off Life!

In my meditation this week, The tree of life is planted into your future. The many branches symbolise the wisdom and fruit of Your leanings. The leaves are Your plentiful fruit of abundance, that are constantly birthing new leaves and Transforming.

The symbol of the Tree stands strong, unwavering and fiercely secure and grounded in its roots.

Of course we always go on a journey back in time to find the Master Key for Your Health Success and Freedom.

As you breath deeply in new life and exhale out all the old old,lets rise up and capture the flavour of true, deep, inner strength and ascend into Your truest, Purest form of opulent riches through self love, giving and expression as You Build Your Wealth Empire.

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