Whilst creating this edition Of building your wealth Empire, I took a group of people behind the scenes To create this piece of magic!

We were in a training workshop and because I know there will be people that want to bring meditation to their service – I Took them behind the scenes for a glimpse on How easily, Naturally and effortlessly it can be to create Bliss for people. This was after I had Discussed the Milton Model Of magical words And this class Just took in the words And teaching Like a duck to water!

Hypnosis is one of the easiest and yet most powerful modalities to teach And the class absolutely loved it!

May I add – That this specific meditation on building your wealth empire was taken from 8 students (case studies) As I collated what are the typical limiting beliefs around money And utilised there intel to Create this meditation piece!

I also asked them for their Opinion on what it would be like to be free of limitations and truly abundant and grounded in wealth!

As a result this meditation was created from the great minds of many People!

I am beyond proud to present 💝 “Building Your Wealth Empire”

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