Wealth will come to the one who appreciates it and understands many elements about prosperity.

1. To align Your core beliefs in knowing the goodness of riches

2. To understand that riches are noble and good people utilize it for good

3. To understand that money is a Value that is emergent in contributing to the world

4. To appreciate the currency of money that circulates is an energy like the air your breath

5. To be grateful for the opulent riches and resources that benefit a greater cause than just having dollars and cents in Your purse or the bank.

6. To create vision of wealth surrounded by ambient abundance and riches

7. To feel a deep sense of deservingness in receiving great wealth

8. To create a service that adds massive value, giving you a specific point of difference

9. To eliminate any shame or guilt around being wealthy and to develop a healthy relationship around money

10. To appreciate that life is a fulfilled enrichment of high quality being in clothing, environment, study, personal care and all noble resources known for humanity

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