On this epic adventure this week in my Meditation Hub – We build Your Wealth Empire.

Since I was a child, I always had a knack for telling stories. It was magical, adventures on Magic Carpet rides and weird & wonderful dungeons where we locked up the evil monsters and escaped into a land of make believe.

They do say there are clues from Your childhood that lead You into Your greatest strengths and weaknesses today.

When I get intel from my clients, there is no doubt that my natural affiliation with hypnosis and stories are my greatest gift.

The more raw, authentic and simple I keep my work, the greater it is for my client – because they can Transform and then duplicate what I do.

In my meditation hub this week, I created “Building Your Wealth Empire” as I sat overlooking the parkland of my home. Yep I created it in the front seat of my car and I know my members will be enlightened in coming to know their Divine Sovereignty and Power is transmuted by the demolition of their past pain and trauma.

My story this week is about pulling down the old structure of the rickety old house and using it for the Rock-Solid Foundation to Build Your Wealth Empire.

The New structure is Coded with many Rooms depicting Your Self Worth

A room filled with love and connection.

A room overflowing with peace, serenity and calmness

Another room like the library of wisdom and resources

And of course, the Kitchen being where all the right ingredients are for Purpose, Passion & Pleasure

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