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Building your Wealth Empire

Words of Affirmations

1) There is a science of being rich and I have learned to do things in a certain way

2) I am free to be me and know the deepest, truest and rawest me, is the value that causes money to flow to me naturally, easily and effortlessly

3) Wealth is abundant like the air I breathe and flows plentifully into my life

4) Money is a symbol of my generosity and love for contributing to the world

5) I am prosperous in mindset as I circulate my fortune allowing money to work hard for me

6) I am truly grateful for my life of abundance and the riches that I build for the goodness of the world

7) My wealth is a representation of my contribution to the world and it favours me and brings me the freedom


There is a science behind being rich and the one main thing is in doing things in a certain way For many years I was held captive by the lie of the enemy around money. I held a false belief that it held some kind of evil. I had feelings of guilt and shame around speaking of it as if it were a fata disease that I would steer clear off!

What a shocking realisation when it occurred to me the rich and the prosperous possessed certain traits. Not one of them an evil trait. What a break through when I recognized that those with wealth, donated to charities, invented, created and held more virtue than those struck down by poverty.

Then BAM The secret revealed to my ignorant mind and longing heart………I was broke millionaire…….I had wealth slip through my fingers. I owned enough in assets that if I sold everything I owned I would never have to work another day in my life.

Yet I was held in bondage by the demise of my own shame around wealth!!! It made sense when I thought about it….All the years I had succeeded in Real Estate, been at the top. All the years I had changed people’s lives more successfully than anyone I ever knew….And yet why this poverty????? The answer like all profound things was simple….It was founded in the paradigm of my habits. My habits had been engraved by the beliefs of my past.

However, it is no longer my past….The Time is NOWWWW!

So, I created my latest meditation of myself walking along an azure blue lagoon called destiny! I saw the footprints in the sand, symbolizing my past. I allowed the magic of my imagination to allow the marine crystal turquoise waters to wash those old footprints in the sand away.

Then I installed the secret of the ages, for both me and my subscribers to engrave, self-love, to fall in love with the soul, to be free to me and to commence to do life in a certain way!

The creation of my meditation has risen my wealth consciousness to the next level…Yes, I have upgraded and now my listeners will upgrade too! I love holding the hands of people and walking them along paradise to create the life they were born to live.

This meditation created today is the best one yet – and it’s only going to get better from here!!

Have you subscribed?????

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