There is a Science behind being Rich!!!

Yes, its been said in the book “The Science of being Rich” By Wattles –  It’s by – “DOING THINGS IN A CERTAIN WAY”

I never did get what they meant….Until one day – BAMMMM!!!!

There is a specific code for all things we do.  This is not in the certain things we do, however how we do things in a certain way!!!

I thought this was method and really….it is…..  The method of which you do things is much like the habit you have and how you go about it!

Of course, we do not ask “HOW” when it comes to achieving great things, rather we focus on “Why” – When we have our Why clear the how will take care of itself.  When we study the certain way of which to become great, it will have a format.  A process.  A system.

Even though I am sure that I am the system, that is because I will keep on keeping on and fail forward until I hit the Jackpot.  Once we succeed in what we do, it is then we need to turn this into conscious competency until it converts itself into unconscious competency!!

The 3 success energy formulas are

  1. Faith – To have unwavering Faith as certain as you are that there is a sky and it will always be there no matter what – Holding the same posture as your desired goal will be a powerful emotion
  2. Gratitude – Everything you hold gratitude for will return you in full with the same measure.  The world is a mirror and whatever you project out into the world will reflect back to you in it fullest entirety
  3. Self Love – Is the key to measuring your wealth as you can only expect your wealth to return to you what value you firstly place on yourself

Creating this powerful recipe of Faith, Gratitude and Self Love will reap you the greatest rewards, over flowing like a river of eternal streams of income

Imagine mastering your work of love and applying all 3 ingredients of Faith, Gratitude and Self Love and doing your think in a Certain way…..”WOWZA”

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