My Positive Vibration Energy is creating my reality

 I ensure I am in a positive vibration and commit myself daily to taking action to move me toward my goal

What is it that moves you toward your goal?

The fact is, that the greatest action that will move you toward what you desire will come as a result of one of two things!
  • Reward of what you will receive at the other side of your rainbow
  • Or adversity/Challenge that will shake you to your core, moving and shaking you into the right direction
In the land of NLP this called “Toward or Away motivated”
When you come to know both these strategies, you will understand how to move those around you and you will also understand your own paradigm of behavior!
All through my life, I found that some of my biggest attainments came through either the thrill to kill – like my days in Sales or through the challenge – “You can’t get that guy!
Looking back, I can see how my life unfolded in so many ways.
I was not interested in any guy who was chasing me…..It was my thrill to kill, not theirs.
At age 27 I attended a school graduation and was one of the best-looking girls and had attained in the top 1% of those who were successful in career, which was Real Estate at the time.
All the gorgeous popular girls from Year 7 who snared at me in Primary School, for being a dag and failing miserably in math, were suddenly looking at me in awe!
That was a huge realization – My biggest challenge of feeling like an ugly ducking that could not do division if her life depended on it – was among the 1% of hotties at the Grad and doing the best in life!
Are you the person who has disciplined goals and moves toward them because you cannot wait to taste the delicious sweetness of victory in life?
Or are you like me – You have failed forwards and when someone has said “You gotta be joking love you cant do that” and you look back at them and think out loud in your mind “Stuff you You baby, just you watch me go”??
There Is no higher success between the two motivation factors of “toward or away” its just that it is as powerful as it comes to know the difference!!

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