The secret to great riches lives in the Science of doing things in a certain way.

This needs to be implemented through your beliefs, values & behaviors.

Since it is what is within your belief system that creates your wealth blue print, this section is designed to clear the blockages behind limiting money flow.
Questions about your money values are the first way to clear the blockages you may be fulfilling through your own energy.
When I thought about money the first beliefs that come up were – money means hard work. Money slips through my fingers. I need to make sure I always get the best price for everything I buy. I better watch out because people take advantage of me when it comes to money.

These are just a few stories that come to mind about money. Of course, we are then living out the behaviours because our beliefs become a self-fulfilled prophesy.
I decided it was time to level up and reset the money thermometer.
I recognized that the feelings around money when I did the inner work, were that I felt a loss in my body. I sensed an ache in the left side of my chest close to my heart.

That was not a good energy to be attracting the flow of money I knew deep down I truly deserved.
The first lesson in my own personal life is discovering money was slipping away because I was not paying enough attention to it.
When I was studying 7 figure earners in my field, I noticed the watched their money like a hawk.

I suddenly came to the conclusion that if I had never taken care of my babies when they were so young, they would not have thrived and lived to have all the opportunities they deserve.
It made sense to me that money was not an evil. In fact I was more evil for not looking after it or ignoring it.
I learned that my affluent, wealthy mentors ran weekly and even daily charts of money coming in and out.

Wow, to me that was as boring AF!!
Was that another limiting belief????
So how was I to change it????
Transmute the emotion of boredom into excitement!!!

Wow, how was I to do that???
By disassociating the vision of seeing, what I thought was boring maths and even more lack lustre, details of data entry!
So, what was I too associate it with???
When you change your inner energy, you change your results.
Whatever you are allowing in your energy fields are what you are manifesting.
So, what comes to your mind when you think of money???
What do you feel in your body about money???
Once you can identify this energy behind money and learn the behaviours you had built in around that energy, I knew I had to release those old faulty beliefs and let go!!

So it was time to take inspired action and begin to understand that if I care about money, money will care about me.
I knew it was time to get my money to work for me, rather than me working for money, so I had to level up and begin the process of what comes with great power.

That is Responsibility!!!!!
With great power comes great responsibility.
I began creating flow charts. I suddenly realised flow charts of what I needed to take responsibility for with money would have a miraculous way of flowing money back to me.

I acknowledged my real deep thoughts, beliefs and actions about money and then began releasing the blocks.
Knowledge is power when you activate it and that is exactly what I did!!!
So now I tapped into my infinite super consciousness – the part that aligned as one with the planet.

This is the part that is above my physical being and ego. I may add that when I moved out of the way of my ego, my Soul purpose took over!
That was the part of me worth more than all the treasures stored up in the world. It was the part of me that aligned fully with the Universe that could see all.
It was the part that would nudge me into the arena of my dreams.
My physical body was my ego that often grovelled among the pigeons on the ground floor.

It was the day I set a new intention after I had cleared out the blockages behind my deepest money issues, that had aligned my Soul with a new intention.
The new intention I set as an anchor through an affirmation.
Affirmations that are set up as anchors become incantations deeply stored in the muscle memory of my body.
It was a Saturday afternoon and I was ready to jump on to do a livestream. I was totally over the fact that despite over 200 livestreams, I was still filled with fear and dread about it.

It was in this moment I used my affirmation to be an incantation for my wealth. After all there was a flow of connection between the two. My live stream was based upon my life calling to be a world changer.
The fear and dread were the threads in my money blue print that correlated to feelings of not being worthy enough to do it.
Excuse me for my candidness – however who gives a flying toss if people out there did not find my work inspiring.

They are not whom I looking to reach…..Period……..
Once that new process was in action, it was in the same moment I spoke up for my Spirit and said to my physical body and Ego – Get out the way, my soul is coming through!!

That was the day I relaxed. I dropped the bags of fear that had been weighing me down so long and began flowing in an effortless fashion with super eaze!!
Is it time for you to move out of the way of yourself???
Is it time to claim your worth and begin your journey of riches?

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