My beliefs around money lead me to let it slip through my fingers. It also presented in the form that You had to drive a sharp bargain and give Your own Soul away to get it.

I came to discover that money is so much more than dollars and cents that I treated like a hot potato that needed off loading, as fast as one was was receiving it.

There is a story in Your mind around money. It may reflect shame, embarrassment of asking for it or wanting it, maybe it may be the opposite and You may have an ego entitlement around it that is non appreciating and more assuming.

Or maybe You are one of the blessed people in the minority percentage of wealthy and affluent people that understand the good will of love, gratitude and doing more than paid for with a pleasing, thankful nature.

The latter is the virtue of Kings & Queens and great Philanthropists who have money that flows and generates resources to others and contributes a gift of high self worth and deep appreciation.

The love and gratitude component of calling in all You want in life and designing a Vision around mission of good will to others, will surely be the means to the richest life possible.

Forgive and let go of all past pain
Give gratitude for all that You value and desire
Quit the excuses and blame game of the reason You are where You are at and begin cultivating the habits of the greatest people in the world

Once YOU have Created Your desired outcome with compelling vision, sound and emotion, let it go and detach Yourself from it, in trust, faith and inner knowing that it already awaits You!

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