Money is the direct result of systems being put into place in a specific way.

I heard this in the audio of “The Science behind being Rich” and Yet did not quite twig onto the meaning “Doing things in a Certain Way”.

In fact what the reference of doing things in a Certain Way Meant was – The Systems of the Process that flow out of Contribution, Planning, Procedure, Productivity.

When I learned that I needed to begin a relationship with Money based upon Planning, Procedure and Productivity – That just seemed daunting.

I had the Productivity aspect down to a fine art, however without the other elements – I was throwing Money to the wind.

I discovered that Wealth and Riches were also a reflection of Your deep inner Self Worth.

Ouch…..That was obviously still lacking!!

I also found out that Money was a relationship that resembled disciplining and raising an affluent Child. The infant would perish without daily care and overseeing.

Money was almost capable of being a temperamental misfit if mistreated.

Boy I had been raising a Misfit for some time.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that it was almost a living, breathing substance that required Nurturing, Care and Respect.

Indeed money is a Currency that is an Energy.

I also learned that Certain Habits were also a big part of this Process.

No one told me that Most Wealthy People Rise early each Morning and do things in a Certain way.

I developed this habit and made it a Principle.

I Created Principles in my daily life, however the Morning Routine was the most Profound thing of all.

So as we can apply Good Habits to Our Morning Rituals and hold Principles around our Values of what are non- negotiable, we can look forward to a Richly Rewarding Life of where we are the Master of Our Destiny.

When we have an Attitude of Gratitude and Plan our life work of which to be of Great Service to others, offering massive value with a Labor of Love, this will return great wealth from the direct result of setting up specific systems that Create Money to go to work for You.

Its almost like Planting the Tree. If You raise it right, it will Produce great fruit.

If You neglect it, it will perish.

The focus needs to be on the Contribution Factor. Whatever you focus on Expands and in this case money is not the focus, its simply the byproduct.

So Yes, I have acquired a brand new Relationship with Money. I finally have found the method of how to care deeply for it without guilt or shame. My Guilt and Shame have been proceeded by the ability to have Resources that Create Value, Give Generously, Contribute, Generate My Soul Purpose, Surround Myself with Wonderful things and Be the Whole Person I was born to be.

No body teaches this in our Schools and I did not learn it growing up. Money was like Politics – You needed it, but people argued over it too.

No wonder so many grow up with a deep inner subconscious belief that Money is an evil. Not even the love of money is evil. What is Evil – is Poverty!

They say Money does not buy Happiness – Dam it sure does help! They say money does not grow on trees – Well actually in the beginning it did as it derived from paper.

I am Grateful for the Paradigm Shift of Money and to understand the many belief systems set up by our genetic heritage and society.

Money will be Your best Employee ever – When You put it to work with the greatest System, Discipline, Planning and Productivity.

Nurture it, Care for it, Create good habits around it, Bless it, Be Grateful for it will bare You Good Fruit.

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