Wow – You know You are in the right job of Building Your Wealth Empire – When you are doing what You love and loving what You do.

This week for my Meditation Hub – I created a full immersion Session that blows Your limiting beliefs and old stories out of the water.

Your brain is a record of the past and as You are making decisions in Your life, in your relationships, in your Career, in Your Money based on what You learned from Your past.

Today is a new day – And maybe You are not fulfilled or where You are in Your life, which is how it is for 100% of us.

Regardless where You are in Your life, You can Expand and outgrow the old patterns and rise up above it to be a better version of You!

For those who are part of the Hub or have gained access on this Session I have Created – You will be able to go through a Powerful Process to Change Your life, focusing on one area at a time.

So if You have access to this Program get ready for the following

1) To Write Down the Area Of Life You will be improving – Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, Recreation or other.

2) Acknowledge the Emotions attached to the area of life You will be upgrading – For example – Frustration, Overwhelm, Low Self Esteem, Anger, Sorrow, Regret, Guilt, Lack of belief, Undermined, Threatened or other.

3) I will facilitate You to track the 3 Events of Your life where You have reacted and behaved around these emotions.

4) You will become aware of the stories around Your pattern that are Sabotaging Your Success and to understand that Your behaviors follow leading You to the Spiral effect of Your old Pattern.

5) I will rise You up to a whole new level and assist You to See Your higher self and who You have become in releasing the Past.

6) After we blast out of the water Your past limitations – You will be able to meet Your higher self on a vibration level where You have become connected with Your self where You are feeling the lightness of being in Your truth.

7) The Magnitude of You Being All You were born to be – Naturally moves You into the inspiration of taking Massive Aligned Action in Achieving Your Goal with the refreshed Mindset of being the Upgraded Version of You, Conditioned to Achieve what You Desire with Ease and Flow

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