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The combination of Determination and unshakeable Faith in attaining wealth, brings a sparkle to my spirit as if there is a promise whispered from my soul that the flow is on its way!

When I look back, I am amazed at how long I have been committed to wealth.  Yet somehow my unconscious was at war against it.  The dominant purpose of good intention of my unconscious keeping me on the line of wonder about where my money had flowed as it seemed to have slipped through my fingers.  When I went digging for Gold to find out WHAT WAS SABOTAGING MY WEALTH  – That’s when I was hit between the

If you don’t fucking care about something, you can bet your life its going to show up, or should I say not show up in your life!

So, I took the bull by the horns, straddled the problem with both hands and proceeded to fall in love with the meaning of money!!!


I know the Universe and our frequency of what we put out into the world, attracts what we think about is what we bring about!!!  So, what did money represent in my mind???

Money represented the carpark of where I parked my vehicle…..I wanted that space now but my care factor of the ground I parked on is zero…..I want the space for my vehicle and the position to suit me, however, who gives a rats arse whether it is bitumen, limestone or even gravel!!  I manifest car parks frequently because I see it in my mind before I park.  If I am off centre or distracted, the fact is the Universe will give it to someone else more focused and on point than me.


Lesson number one – What does money mean to you???  I told you here, it meant diddly squat to me.  I desire luscious hair, gorgeous nails, a fabulous lifestyle with travel, fine wining and dining and freedom to do what I want when I want – however IIf theone main ingredient was missing, because I was to frivolous and non-caring to have it there, my dreams would fall flat to the floor!!!



Thank God I have been changing peoples lives for so long.  I can give full gratitude to building this freaking opulent, imposing and as majestic as fuck Empire because I hit the STOP button, rewinded back through the old story and have started again!!!

Hence, since I know the how to STOP SELF SABOTAGING I simply apply the technique that has changed hundreds of people rapidly, to my own unconscious psychology!  BAM!!!!!

eyes that –  on a scale of 1 to 10 my care factor for money – was zero!!!


  1. First, I had to identify the story I was telling myself about my financial blueprint
  2. Then was time to identify the high intention behind what was killing my wealth…
  3. That is when it was time to stand on the shoulders of giants and look at how they flow with wealth
  4. Implementing and following the right cats was the most simple, easy & fun step – especially as I know how to run the movie theatre of the mind
  5. Test out the new tambourine, test driving your vehicle before locking in the deal with your unconscious is the “biggest decision” of the process
  6. Quantum Leaping – which is my favourite sport when your not playing sport, to take that huge step into the future and meet with your rich AF kick butt, badass self!
  7. I am just making up this step because 7 is my favourite number so drop my fav number 7 below if you want more info about this kick butt process!!

Remember people – Its never to late to have a happy child hood and the map is not the territory, therefore hit the STOP button on that old SABATAGE pattern and start again!!!!


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    Hello just logged in trying to get on to Meditation hub

    • Terri The Messenger October 30, 2018 at 1:10 pm - Reply

      Hi Kerryn are you in the meditation hub yet?

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