Greetings Dearly Beloveds

My Meditation on Cellular Repair – Releasing Negative Energy will help you to to release or old contracts of past wounds in relationships, ridding negative energy from your body and renewing and purifying with new codes of




As you fill Your mind, body and veins with renewed purity of love, grace and deep appreciation You can say this Mantra

I call upon the Divine Higher Self as I Decree the following

I decree to cut all ties of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions as a result of wounded relationships

I dissolve, clear and transmute this and bring a new fresh vibrancy of love and light to transform the old to the new

I decree to dissolve, clear and release any negative energy that effects my physical body and transmute it now with the love and light of purity

I decree to dissolve, clear and release feelings of low self worth, self doubt, fear, anxiety and stress and command to cut these old energy and transmute it into love, light and purity.

If you would like a specialized meditation with invocation to heal your life and have access to my scripts and the healing meditations contact me through a Free discovery call by clicking and booking through this link

Terri xxx

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