Your Life, Relationships, Success, Money is a direct reflection of Your Own Personal Integrity.

Whatever you are true too, is true to You too.

This is karmic Universal Law

If you feel a loss in Relationships – you can break the Karmic Law of re-attracting it by dissolving it through the power of subconscious
You can re-set the magnetic energy through treating others just the way you want to be treated

If you want to invite more confidence into your space – you can recognize your fears and doubts and dissolve these through the magic principles, I teach of the mind.

If you want to claim more money – You need to show that you are worthy of money. Give gratitude for your bills and the divine rights that you have. Whatever you invest in will reflect your true values of your self worth. When You choose to rise and invest in clearing the old energy, breaking the masculine and feminine energy behind your inner child and those who raised you.
When you are honorable to your word, You are telling the Universe – I can be trusted.
If you want to claim your success – this will also be in direct proportion of your energy field.

If you want to claim your voice, you must stand in honor, integrity and wisdom and be congruent in who you are – Claiming your voice means filling your cells with conviction. It means speaking with passion and purpose. it means having a clear concise vision and then expressing it with full bodied tone, conviction and fiery passion.

Claim Your divine birth right to have great riches in your life. 💜🤩💜

Chant and embody:
I am magnetic
I am Powerful
I am Energetic
I am Integrity
I am successful
I am Divinely Purposeful and Passionate

I claim my Courage
I claim my Confidence
I claim my Voice through integrity, conviction, compassion and Power

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