I learnt from a young age its do or die. I had this knack of returning from almost anything, as if nothing had happened. Regardless of the upset, disappointment or how bad I was treated by a person, I had this gift to rise quickly from the situation. It was like my brain knew how to separate things. It was like I knew I was born for a great life and deep down inside I knew there was greatness, even amidst so much low self esteem and self-doubt. The seed of faith was what moved mountains.

Let’s face it, the power of intention is a massive contribution to everything we decide, do and be.

It’s the belief loop. Whatever you tell yourself, you are right. If you decide you are great at something and you truly believe it with an unshakeable certainty, the odds are definitely in your favour.

The one with the most certainty will win. (Think and grow rich)

Deep down inside I knew there was greatness within me. However, at the superficial level of the outer part that was shown to the world, I was a no hoper, I was gullible, and very impressionable by almost everyone.

In the catholic churches, they practice confession. In the Hindu temples they practice soul purification and blessings. In the Christian world they talk about grace and forgiveness.

I am convinced that there is something great to be taken from all these religions, and whilst I believe in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I am most respective to all religions and do not pass any judgment, in fact I take the best from all the religions I have the blessing to experience and apply it to my life.

A simple shower was my cleansing ceremony in my teens. It is fair to say that if the teenage mind believes with utmost certainty that a shower will wash away all sin, all ill treatment and all negative vibes then so be it!

If I decided to allow every bad deed that occurred in my young life to dictate my future, I would possibly be 6 feet under now, rather than writing this book.

We know in the personal development world, everybody is searching for that dopamine rush, that is why there are problems with using food, alcohol, drugs and other addictions.

The biggest reason that these addictions become methods that people spiral into regardless of self-destruction, obesity and chronic mental and physical health issues, is because once they commence doing the pattern, they write themselves off. They say well I have blown the diet, so I will just keep eating myself into misery, or I got so drunk last night, I will just do it again tonight. They’re logic tells them they have blown it, so why not keep it up until the next time they hit the wall and decide to stop.

The fact is they are forgetting, they can take that shower and start again!

Every moment is a new moment. Regardless of what you have done 5 minutes prior, you can change your life over and repeatedly in every new waking second.

Although I was unconsciously competent in my method of taking a shower to cleanse off any shame, guilt or wrong I did, this was a very powerful intention. It would help me both consciously and subconsciously to go out into the world and not carry my burdens with me.

When You have done a wrong against someone else or yourself, this is the part I was not carrying out in my youth of unconscious competency.

Dissolving, Clearing and Releasing the past

I may have been able to shake things off with some kind of genius magic that may have developed out of survival, but at the tender age of 16 what I did not realise is that any past transgressions do come back like a ghost from the past, unless we go through the process of learning and recoding a new pattern.

If your pantry cupboard is full, there is no room to put anything new. However, when we remove the old out of use by date, then we can replace it with new stock.

This is how it works in our nervous system.

If you wake up at 5am every morning, that becomes a habit. You do not even need an alarm because the body knows and will wake you up according to what it is familiar with.

If you have pain in your body or you suffer emotions that are quite debilitating, again the nervous system records this, and will roll it out on repeat, without any issue required to bring it about.

The big 64-dollar question is where did the pain begin that seems to be on repeat? Where did the addiction start that feels it serving you to bring comfort?

It all began somewhere, and often these patterns and addictions can trace back through time to previous generations.

I wore a badge of shame and guilt from as long as I can remember. This ingrained shame and guilt came from not the generation before me, however my grand parents’ generation and beyond. Our nervous system will find a way to issue the next generation that energy of emotion and although a different day a different time and a completely different scenario, it will find your itself its own method to feel into those deeply ingrained emotions and wounds.

This is when the patterns of behaviour become a method to soothe and bring that short-lived dopamine injection through the addiction.

We cannot use our emotions as an excuse for bad behaviour. There requires to be an alignment between our logic, our emotions, and behaviours otherwise we sail through life behaving like a 3-year-old child or a dog that is triggered without any common sense.

Acknowledgement of the behaviours, patterns and actions or lack off, come from your belief system.

When you are indulging in a negative behaviour, or doing something that is not aligned with Your higher purpose of what You desire, the laser lucid coaching questions are always the greatest way to deal with the issues.

Once you have gone through the self-awareness, you can easily close your own eyes down shut and begin to go inside.

Visualize what you desire and gain an understanding of who You require to become to achieve this.

Breath deeply and purposefully and even imagine that every new breath in is a renewed invigorated and cleansed new energy. On the exhale, imagine yourself releasing and letting go of the negative energy, behaviours and beliefs around the pattern.

State a declaration around the issue that You have that is blocking Your next level.

I decree to dissolve, clear and release this problem…………………….State it, in emotions, behaviours, feelings.

I decree to heal, treat, and purify this problem from my entire timeline of past, present and future.

Because I am a creator with a wild imagination, I will often visualize myself being completely immersed in golden light. The fact is that Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality. Most of the worries, fears and issues we have are just blown-up images casted from the past or to honour what we perceive about the situation, person or self.

It makes sense if you are going to spend so much time in thoughts that are provoking negative feelings, you may as well be constructive and imagine what You do desire instead and picture your own immersion of healing.

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