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Ok so I have always been a bit of a party girl at heart!


But there is no half way mark form me and that could have been very costly at my 3rd Christmas Do!


So my Christmas gift wish for You, is that You will learn a lesson through my own personal story of when I let my hair down just a little to much!


Yes ok, You want to know the truth……..I work bloody hard and guess what????


I can play even harder!


So It’s true that I have rolled around laughing with some of my clients within my coaching practice and got totally intoxicated with some of my downlines from my product business. Ok you may say “What kind of a role model is that”?


I say it’s the one who knows how to party just as hard as she works!


But maybe that is just me justifying my outrageous intoxication of way to much alcohol. Yes Its as if I planned to do it, because of course my husband was the skipper. But that did not give me the free ticket to drink myself into oblivion. Side note: Don’t drink gin and tonic when you are already intoxicated! That is possibly my Number 1 Regret! Or do I regret it?


Thank God I am a happy drunk! In fact way to much so!


I know there is a purpose for all the things we do in life, including the self-sabotaging ones! In fact I have to say that every person I have ever met, that binges on food or alcohol or any bad habits for that fact, always has a deep subconscious purpose for doing so!!!


So what was mine?


I would say, if I can speak on behalf of my subconscious mind for just a fleeting moment, my subconscious was saying – Game over chick, it’s time to party!


Yep great excuse and You have heard the old rule – Work hard, play hard!


But it does not need to be to Your detriment!


When we do something or something happens that shocks ourselves it becomes “That wakeup call”!


This is not a confession about bringing alcohol or any over indulgence to a screeching halt, its more about looking at what is on the other side of the reason!


If I stand on my wild side and look over at myself, I would say – Chill out a bit Terri, You work to hard. You do not have enough fun. You need to lighten up a bit!


This is the gift in the overhang of regret one may have the next day when they can barely get out of bed!


I could look at it from the obvious being the self-stupidity side but what will that do?

Beat myself up? Mmmm maybe just a tad

Or lead me to ask the question – “How many can you drink, before losing your mind”

The next question is “Doesn’t NLP have a famous saying to lose Your mind and come to Your senses”? The answer is a great big fat YES!!!

So was I losing my mind, subconsciously so I could come to my senses?



But really, that is not the best way to do it!


So now I have got to the bottom of my own purpose of what made me go so far over board, I come back with what I needed from the other side, rather than what my doo gooder side may be thinking!


There comes a time when You have to take a step back and take the wild side or shadow side so You can look at it from that perspective, rather than standing in the doo gooders shoes and beating Yourself up!


The other element, is that if you want to truly polish up some of your rough edges, you got to be able to confess them with Your tongue!


Dark secrets phester and become darker and seedier and attract mould hills to turn into mountains.


Better to make a mountain out of a mould hill and be accountable for Your actions!


Bring the darkness out into the light and be set free by the power of Your word!


I owe it to the world to confess that I am far from perfect!


Dr John Demartini says – Never put anyone on a pedestal or they will end up in the pit! So unless You are a Christmas Party wild one like myself, that knows how to let Your hair down, just a bit. I would suggest never putting me into the goodie goodie 2 shoes bracket until You really get to meet all my different sides.


My lesson is – If you are going to drink, make sure You do it in moderation. Do not drink to the point that You may not know what you have done! Fortunately I am a happy drunk. They say a drunken mouth speaks a sober mind. My love for everyone comes out at a thousand miles an hour. My concern for peoples well being is hyper sensitive and my insatiable hilarious attitude of being the party entertainer, comes out like You would not believe! Yep my party girl side would think nothing of dancing on tables all night, and telling You every home truth that came from my loins! Every good and bad side explodes from me like a bolt of lightning! I am happy, I don’t give a flying eff about what anybody thinks and I leave prize possessions behind, as if I do not really care about them either!


Would I go back and do it the same way?


Of course not!


What would I change?


That last glass or 3 of gin and tonic! Anything else?


Not really!


What did I learn?


I have the greatest husband in the world!

How do you know that?

He took 3 hours to get me out of the car into the house. He took another hour and half of time waiting for me to finish my shower that I played merrily in for over an hour and would not come out until the water went stone cold. Then he blow waived my hair dry!


Yep at 3am in the morning he was blow drying my hair. Where was I? Sitting on the floor of the bathroom where else?


What would be the higher purpose of this whole occasion for me!


Pride comes before every fall!


Yes You ask my husband I am almost verging on prudish so let’s just say, I sure as heck lightened up!


Would it do it again? No!


I do hope as a Life Coach someone will hold me accountable to this. Even my clients or down line. I am not saying to be a wall flower who sits on the sidelines smiling all night! But hey there is a line between having fun, partying hard and over indulging in poison that kills braincells and has you acting really dumb!


My husband tends to accept everything about me and he even loves my wild side! Well that wild side has been kept under cover for quite some time. I think I let it EXPLODE!!!!


Now I have this little chant – Repeat after me


  • Even though I am not perfect
  • Even though I fall from grace
  • Even though I let the side down at times
  • Even though I have a wild side
  • Even though I broke the rules
  • Even though I let my hair down
  • Even though I drank way to much despite the Bible verse and laws of leadership
  • I totally love, value and honour myself as a child of God
  • I completely accept myself as a leader who falls from grace
  • I am wonderfully grateful and appreciative that I can speak my truth
  • And as a result I claim my power and stand in all my glory behind every story!
  • Thank you for the lesson
  • Thank you for the teaching
  • Thank you for the wisdom, the confession and the ability to rise with integrity
  • And so it is thank you thank you thank you



Sending you love, light and lessons that You can stand on the shoulders of giants and see Your future, without every hard lesson that needs to come your way for you to arrive at Your destiny!


Terri xxx


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