Confessions of an Online Coach: The Unfiltered Truth

PJ bottoms and a top? Forget it! My online coaching journey was far from the Insta-glam I envisioned. No regrets on skipping the black Mercs – investing in myself trumps depreciating cars.

Golden rule: 1 product, 1 platform, 1 killer offer. On the first date (program launch) or whatevs, don’t go expecting people to throw their credit cards at Ya! Your dreamin!

As I gave a transmission to my Voxer group, I expounded on shifting your mindset to the long game. If you’re chasing the quick bucks; you might starve waiting!

It’s all in building strong and creating that great quality service from the get-go!

My famous last words are Consistency is queen and content are king, so stay focused and remember Wattles saying in the science of getting rich – “it’s all about doing a combination of the right things, in the right order and doing it in a certain way”!

The content You build today may serve your greatest client in 3 years from now!

So, when you are creating content create it for the client of the future and detach yourself from the Xero clients, you may get today!

Know Your point of difference and own it with all your heart, mind and soul!

To prove this concept is true, I created a gob smacking transformative online Retreat almost 4 years ago and today I sell more of this powerful Transformation Program than I did when I first designed it!

it’s truly one of the greatest programs and I shared it with the people in my portal after another gorgeous, Coach confessed she was fear-stricken to launch her program with the thought of no one buying!

My mentorship of finding detachment around this proved to have a double edged sword as I realised after the fact, I was sharing a program based on the power of shifting her, through her fears and realised after I was sharing what I was preaching.. A program I created nearly 4 years ago that today gains more traction than ever! Q.E.D Quote erat demonstrandum! 🔑🎁💯

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